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Is converting a automatic transmission to manual possible on all cars without an onboard computer?


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2015-07-16 18:08:16
2015-07-16 18:08:16

Possible? yeah, it is possible. But is it worth the trouble? That is another question.

not worth it unless your building a racer stay with the auto

I would agree with the answer above me partially, a manual is better for faster accel and more accel control, it is also better if you live in a cold weather state where automatics can be damaged by driving them cold, or trying to jostle them out of snow and ice. But if you don't know how to drive a manual, and aren't a fast learner, stick with the auto, there is nothing worse than someone with a big truck they don't know how to drive rolling over the front of your RX-7 or other small sporty car. ^_^


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Converting a manual transmission to automatic transmission is not possible but you can replace a manual transmission to an automativ transmission . That is also an expensive deal.

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The problems may be overwhelming. The onboard computer may not be able to handle a different transmission. It all depends on the interconnectivity between engine, computer and transmission.

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You need to check the transmission computer for codes to know possible causes.

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Converting from the stock auto to the stock AX15 tranny is no problem. It uses the same mounts and everything.

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Problem with the transmission. You need to have the transmission computer checked for codes to know a possible cause.

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