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In and of itself, legally, no.

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Q: Is conviction of making indecent images of children considered domestic violence?
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How long does a conviction for indecent exposure stay on your record committed 15 years ago in the UK?


Are all sex offenders consider felons?

Not necessarily. Many offenses that are considered sex offenses are not felonies. For example, indecent exposure is a misdemeanor in most states, but a conviction can require the defendant to register as a sex offender.

Obscenity refers to material that is considered what?

indecent (grad point) ;)

How would you use indecent in a sentence?

This is a very indecent question. Your clothes are indecent Your face is indecent Your mom is indecent Your penis is indecent

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In Togan society it is considered indecent to expose your knees. Just as in western society it is considered indecent to expose a woman's breasts. There is no really good reason for either--- it just is.

What children's TV star was arrested for indecent exposure?

Pee Wee Herman :-)

What is the prefixes of decent?


Is Indecent Exposure a misdemeanor or felony?

It is considered a Class B Misdemeanor for First Offense.

Is semen on your body considered indecent exposure?

no, unless placed there in front of an unwilling spectator

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He pees in public and they see

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the ghost dance was prohibited in Paris in the 1890s because it was considered indecent

Where can one find information on indecent exposure?

"Indecent exposure involves exposing parts of oneselfThe in public that are normally considered private, and depends in part on the cultural and social norms of the community in which it occurs. Information on indecent exposure can be found in the penal codes for a particular community."

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