Is cookie monsters name vegatable monster?

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Who is cookie monster?

Answer . Cookie monster is a kids monster from the psb kids television show Seseme Street

Does the cookie monster eat cookies?

Yes, He's very addicted to cookies and has his own cookie song. The Cookie Monster only eats cookies. He loves all kinds ofcookies.

What is cookies monster name?

In 2004, a song appeared on Sesame Street called "The First Time Me Eat Cookie." In the song, Cookie Monster says he thinks his name is Sid. The song can be found on YouTu

Is cookie monster vegetable monster?

He was cookie monster but the producers kept using cookies instead of veggies kids love cookies not veggies but veggies are good for you. The bottom line is kids were eating t
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What is Cookie Monster real name?

Sid. According to Cookie Monster, he was not born with his cookie-loving name. He was instead called Sidney or Sid and got the name Cookie Monster because of his fondness for
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Who stoll the cookie monsters cookie?

It is unknown who stole the cookie monsters cookie. It was probably someone who could be sneaky enough to get in. Most likely it was someone like a cookie thief.