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Q: Is cookies and cream ice cream a heterogenous mixture?
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What type of mixture is strawberry ice cream with fruit?

It's a Heterogenous Mixture.

Is ice cream an homogeneous mixture?

Ice cream like plain vanilla or plain chocolate would be a homogenous mixture. Ice cream with nuts or other chunks of things in it would be a heterogenous mixture.

Is cookies and cream ice cream a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture?


Chocolate mint chip ice cream a heterogenous mixture?


Is chocolate chip ice cream a homogeneous or heterogenous mixture?


Is rocky road ice cream a substance or a mixture and what kind?

Mixture... the cookies and ice cream and mixed together as there was no chemical reaction involved. It is heterogeneous because they are not evenly mixed together.

Is ice cream a homogenous or heterogenous mixture?

Yes and no. Some ic cream types like mint chocolate chip and rocky road are heterogenous, meaning they can be separated, but other ice cream types like the classic vanilla or chocolate can't be separated entirely.

Is ice cream a solution or a mixture?

Ice cream is a mixture.

What has more sugar peanut butter or cookies and cream ice cream?

Cookies & Cream ice cream.

Who makes Cookies and Cream ice cream?

Many companies make Cookies and Cream ice cream. Ben and Jerries, Blue Bunny, Blue Bell Creameries, and Cold Stone are just a few of the ice cream companies that make Cookies and Cream ice cream.

What are ice cream cookies and cake?

Ice cream, cookies, and cake are all deserts and have a lot of sugar.

How would you describe cookies and cream the ice cream in words?

describe cookies and cream

Is Cookies and cream same as Oreo cookies?

No Oreo has actual ores in it and cookies and cream has like cookie dough in it

Is chocolate ice cream a mixture?

No chocolate ice cream is not a mixture.

Is ice cream an element compound mixture?

Ice Cream is a Mixture I <3 Ice Cream!!!

Is ice cream heterogeneous mixture?

No, unless it has a mixture of things in the ice cream. Like rocky road ice cream. Other wise it is a homogeneous mixture.

Which of these foods has the most sugar added to it macaroni and cheese peanut butter cookies 'n cream ice cream or bagel and cream cheese?

cookies 'n cream ice cream

Is oreo ice cream heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture?

Oreo ice cream is a heterogeneous mixture.

What are 10 frozen dairy products?

chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, mint ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, rainbow ice cream, choc-chip ice cream :)

What is jaden smith's favorite ice cream flavor?

Vanilla ice cream and cookies and cream

Which is better cookies and cream ice cream or mint chocolate chip ice cream?

cookies and cream will forever be the winner and anyone who thinks differently is honestly messed up (obviously)

Which of these foods has the most sugar added to it macaroni and cheese cookies 'n cream ice cream peanut butter bagel and cream cheese?

Cookies 'N Cream Ice Cream

Best ice cream?

Cookies adn cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who invented cookies in cream ice cream?

an irishmen

Is ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough a homogeneous mixture?

A heterogenous mixture means you can see all the components. So the actual ingredients in making the cookie dough are a homogeneous mixture but...the final product (The cookie) yes would be a heterogeneous mixture.

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