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Is coral aware of itself?

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Coral is not complex enough to be self-aware. They are simply blind puppets, catching what comes to them.

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What are the advantages of coral bleaching?

I am not aware that any scientist considers coral bleaching to be advantageous; bleaching indicates the death of symbiotic algae within the coral, leading to the death of the coral itself, leading to a greatly reduced oceanic biodiversity, which is a bad thing.

How do you you save coral reef?

The important is people should be made aware of the coral reefs.

How does coral reef protect itself?

Hi my name is Mchilda. coral reef protect itself from breathing and other stafff too.

How does the coral reef defend itself from predators?

Coral is made of coral polyps, that live in shells as to protect themselves from predators.

What is a coral reef in the open ocean?

A haven for coral fish and a shipping hazzard for any ships that are not aware of the reefs presence.

How do you you save coral reefs?

People should be made aware of importance of coral reefs. People should be warned not to extract coral reefs to be used as building material.

How does coral protect itself?

it eats other coras

How can coral protect itself from enemies?

By corallite and nematocyst .

How does a coral hairstreak protect itself from a predator?

The Coral Hairstreak has large labial palps in order to protect itself. They may be found in Maryland and nectar on Orange Butterflyweeds.

Do some fish eat coral?

The parrot fish is the only fish that 'eats' coral. They are not actually eating the coral itself, they want the algae that grows on it. they poop the coral sand out later.

Is a coral reef an example of a biotic factor?

HAIL no, idiot. da coral reef is the whole PLACE. da CORAL itself is da biotic factor.

How does a angelfish defend itself?

They basically just camouflage in with the coral

What are the coral reefs like?

coral reefs are beautiful as they are home to the plants, fish and the coral itself. corals depend on warm, clear and shallow water in order to be healthy .

Coral reef living?

the coral itself is not living, as it's composed of calcium carbonate. However, it is home to many organisms

How does an Asian coral snake protect itself from danger?

Coral snakes possess highly-toxic venom - and will not hesitate to use it if they are threatened.

What are producers in the Great Barrier Reef?

coral reef itself and Algae

How coral snakes protects itself?

With venom ! They are a highly-venomous snake !

What hard shelled creature attaches itself to underwater objects?


What are some Adaptations in coral reefs?

a coral reef is a group of organisms. they are different shapes etc due to their environment. the coral itself is made by animals living within it!Refer to some of the links below

How does a coral defend itself?

Well, the coral polyps have stinging nematocysts on them. When plankton is detected, they lash out, spear it and inject the poison into them. I hope this info was useful.

What is the behavior of a coral?

Actually, the corals are helpless. There is NO way that the coral can protect itself. It can't move so how would it hit or run?? Common sense.

What are the three types of coral reefs?

This answer is to clarify the answer that was given: There are three types of coral reefs: fringing reef, barrier reefs and coral Atolls. Sea anemone attaches itself to coral but it is not coral(predatory animal) A sea sponge is a filter feeding animal and a sea fan is soft coral but not a coral reef. sea anemone, sea sponge, sea fan (This is the answer that was given first and it is not correct)

What are the resources taken from coral reefs?

The main resource is the coral itself. Coral takes a very long time to grow, and people remove it to use as decorations and such. Coral reefs can become severely damaged this way. Many tourist guides are urging tourists to not purchase real coral from gift shops for this reason.

How can you identify a coral snake?

Coral snakes are relatively small snakes. They are tri-colors - yellow, red and black. The coral snake distinguishes itself from copycats, such as the king snake, by the coloration of the stripes. If the yellow stripes touch the red stripes the snake is a coral snake.

How do coral reef eat?

Most coral reef animals, making up the reef itself, are filter feeders and they eat the microorganisms that live in the water surrounding them.