Is cracking your knuckles harmful to your joints?

yes dummmy its called arthrites!

Answer 2

In fact, it does harm your knuckles, but not arthritis. I'm the living proof. It doesn't hurt, but the joints I cracked are swollen. The XRay scans certainly didn't look pretty. Probably damaged ligaments said the doctor. In case you wonder: my general health is excellent, I have never broken a bone in my life and no one in my family has arthritis, neither do I. So, speaking from experience, please be careful. It does not make your fingers less functional, but it does make them ugly. That is, 3 to 5 millimeters extra on every side of a cracked knuckle.

My currently malformed fingers give me a serious psychological strain. I always close my hands, slightly hiding it. In public I even try to imagine the viewing angle of others and turn my hands accordingly. Some dreams I have, like speaking in front of a public, will never come true just because of the fear it gives me. It's not a fun situation and if the damage could be reversed I would do so right away. Even now I hope for a future medical evolution making it possible to have this reversed.

I've been cracking my fingers from age 10. That's when it all started. I saw an aunt doing it, and I wanted to try the same. I couldn't crack mine vertically, but with a little effort it did work horizontally. I've been very stressed during my youth and somehow this released my stress a bit. I gradually turned it into a habit. I cracked my fingers whenever I could, maybe every 15 to 30 minutes, almost every single day. I believe that from age 12-13 it became visible and towards age 15 it was rather severe. Over 15 years later I'm not where I wanted to be. My current job (webdeveloper) allows me to feel more comfortable, but my real dream would be to work with people, not with computers. As you can see, this has quite an impact.

You may cope with it better than me, but I do not wish such a thing for you.