Is cracking your knucles bad for you?


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First of all cracking your knuckles isn't your bones grinding together, it is air being released from between your knuckles

And yes, cracking your knuckles is bad for you because it damages your ligaments and it erodes the cushion between your fingers which will hurt you. The safe way to crack your knucles is pull at them until they crack.

I used to also crack my knuckles all the time so at first it is hard but later it will not be botherish.


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No, you don't get arthritus from cracking your knucles. You're not actually cracking it, you are just "poping" your bones together

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Cracking you knuckles isn't bad as long as you push on them lightly.

There here is no evidence that popping you knucles does any particular harm.

Most of the time, it only reduces the strength of your grip & leaves you with a limp handshake - it does not give you arthritis.. Dr. Donald L. Unger from California cracked his left knuckles every day for at least 60 years, proved this & as a result, was awarded the IgNobel Prize for medicine in 2009.

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Cracking your knuckles releases a gas that naturally forms in your joints. Cracking them isn't bad for you unless it causes pain.

no... simply because your not actually cracking bone... just popping air bubbles in between the joints that form from stress and tension

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There is no indication that cracking your knuckles is harmful.

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It may cause aurthrites in the knuckles. And cause your fingers to be crocked.

No. The cracking sound is caused when the small bubbles of air in between your joints pop. It does not cause any problems. People who say that is causes damage are passing on a myth.

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It is a common myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, but it is not true. It is, however, annoying!!

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Actually, I believe I had been told that the cracking sound you hear when you bend your fingers/knuckles in such a way, is actually the sound of bubbles of gas between your joints popping. This always seemed logical to me, because in biology you learn about the different types of gases and acids in the body that build up in certain areas due to movement or lack of movement. The sound you hear when cracking knuckles is the sound of gas being released in the joints as the presume on them is relieved.

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