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Is cracking your neck bad?

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It is not bad to crack your neck but it might cause cancer

but the truth is that whoever typed this answer^ is a stupid head. Probably doesn't even know how to crack their own neck!

2012-02-02 21:40:38
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Q: Is cracking your neck bad?
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Is cracking your neck bad for you?

cracking your butt is bad

Does cracking your neck lead to arthritis?

No, cracking your neck does not lead to arthritisyou donkey.

Can cracking your neck give sinus trouble?

how do you give you friends who are not your friend bad attitude

Involuntary neck cracking?

have neck cracking all day when walking and turning. is this dangerous

Is cracking your neck safe?

NO!!!!!! unless you are a certified chiropractor. Answer I have had a bad habit of cracking my neck and have been to my doctor as well as go to a chiropractor on a regular basis and I am going to tell you - NO DON'T DO IT!! I cannot stress that enough. When you are cracking your neck you are stopping it moving from the proper area it is suppose to move from and moving places that are not suppose to move which in turn cause damage. Cracking your neck can cause long term troubles such as arthritis, cause seizures when your cracking it, chronic headaches, dizziness, or even death.

Is poping your neck bad?

i dont know what 'poping' is but if you mean clicking or cracking then no, ive been doing this for a few years and nothing bad happens. for me, its useful when i have a headache.

Cracking your knucklesgood or bad?

Cracking you knuckles isn't bad as long as you push on them lightly.

Is neck cracking serious and can it be the cause of migrines?

I think that neck cracking is a serious problem. I have a friend who cracks her neck regularly and not only does it disgust me it is actually really bad for you. It is a joke when people say it releases endorphins because all it does it slowly eat away at the core muscle in your neck till one day it collapses and can give you neck damage for the rest of your life. Neck cracking can also lead to bad headaches or migraines because you core muscle and the spinal cord actually reach all the way to the back of your head, by tilting your neck in this awkward angle it sends messages to your reflective symptom part of your brain which causes you temples or forehead to throb. Don't do it, its not worth it.

Why does cracking your neck feel so good?

because the nerves in the neck gets free.

What could an electrical shock caused by cracking your neck be?

Typically, its usually caused by a pinched nerve. Its best to stay away from cracking your neck. You can cause serious complications.

What causes a painless but audible cracking sound in the neck as you turn your head?

Neck joints are surrounded by a joint capsule which is filled with fluid. When gas bubbles inside that fluid pop due to motion, it causes the cracking sound in your neck.

Does splenius capitis levator scapula pain and neck cracking go away naturally?

2I have found that cervical traction is effective in eliminating splenius capitis pain and neck cracking.

You got hit in the face by a soccer ball today and after the game when you twist your neck you hear a series of cracking sounds at the back of the neck near the spinal cord Is this bad?

Go to the doctor now this could be serious. Try not to move your neck and get it checked out asap

Is cracking your fingers bad?


What are the dangers in cracking your neck?

If a person has plaque buildup in the carotid artery, which is a major artery that runs through the neck region and supplies the brain, by cracking the neck, that plaque may become dislodged. It can then travel up to the brain and cause a stroke.

Is cracking your neck unhealthy?

if you have a crack in your neck once in a while it's ok to crack it like with anything, but repeatedly & obsessively cracking your neck is not good for you as the 'crack' noise you hear is actually air bubbles popping away at your bones & can permanently damage them.

Is cracking your neck and back dangerous?

Yes, if you so it then you could make your neck and back fall off! =O

Can you actually kill someone by cracking his neck like in the movies?


When exerciesing your neck sometime it makes a cracking sound?

It's carbon bubbles bursting in ur neck or "popping ur neck" don't worry about it

Can cracking your own back and neck cause any long- or short-term damage?

All depends on how you crack them. Cracking your back by stretching it or your neck by rolling it around shouldn't cause any damage. But, if you use your hands to twist your neck around to get it to pop, you risk possibly damaging the vertebrae in your neck (either slipping,cracking, or even possibly rupturing a disk in extreme cases).

What is lump on left side of neck extending to back of neck cracking sounds when neck moves causing dizziness and nauseu?

Your neck, including the back portion contains lymph nodes. They may swell causing lumps. In most cases, the cracking sound is a result of muscle spasm that leads to headache or dizziness.Ê

What can you do about neck cracking?

just leave it alone and maybe it will stop happy to help

Is cracking a cat's neck dangerous?

Yes, it could kill or paralyse the cat.

How do you stop cracking your neck?

Every time u really want to crack ur neck just think of wut it will do to u in the future and stop!!!!Iknow its a bad habbit but u will stop if u mentally controlle ur craving to do so.

Is cracking your bone or knuckels a bad thing?