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Is cramping in the lower stomach and clear urine a sign of pregnancy?


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No. Clear urine is a good thing and means you're hydrated. Cramping in the lower stomach CAN be a sign of pregnancy, but not on its own. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

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Not likely due to the location of the cramping. If you used the geographical term of stomach loosely, then it might be that you are constipated if this cramping is in the lower abdomen. However, the stomach is not an area that would cramp due to pregnancy so if this is the actual location of the cramping then it would rule out pregnancy. Cramping is not a usual symptom of pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms of pregnancy? Pregnancy is always a possibility with sexual activity.

You do not get pregnant in your stomach. If your stomach is cramping it would be something you ate or a virus. If you don't feel better in a day or so, or if you start vomiting or have severe diarrhea, see a doctor.Pregnancy occurs in your uterus, which is much lower in your abdomen than your stomach. It's down in the lower intestine area.

Cramping in the lower abdomen can be a sign of pregnancy. But extreme pain may be cysts or perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

Yes, lower abdominal cramping is a pregnancy symptom. You can feel crampy, exactly like you would before your period. I felt crampy for three or four days and then tested positive! :)

The pain you describe is very vague. Is it cramping in your lower abdomen? Have you skipped a period? Cramping during pregnancy, unfortunately, can mean multiple things; some are okay and some are not so good. It can be gas, constipation, your uterus growing; signs of an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and the list can go on and on. If the cramping continues and it concerns you too much you should contact your doctor.

You might be pregnant or you could be having the cramping because your period is about to arrive or preparing to arrive. You can do a pregnancy test now or wait 7 days and then test.

* head * fatigue (everywhere) * lower back * legs * sometimes cramping

i have been pregnant 3 times, and each time i had lower back pain even before my pregnancy had been confirmed.

no you're not pregnant! Who would want to have kids with you?!

No. Cramping in your lower abdomen is a good indication because your body is preparing for a baby to form. Hot fluid shouldn't happen. Your stomach is just upset.

pregnancy feels like stomach bloating and lower back pain as the weight of your stomach grows. Not usually like cramping. If you missed your cycle, take a HPT. Remember cycles vary, so don't get stressed yet. Good luck Joymaker RN

The lower stomach pain might indicate that you are going to be due your period. The ''stomach going hard'' however may not be a sign of pregnancy - It does also depends on how long ago you had sexual intercourse and you may feel your stomach has grown. It begins to show after A month or Two.

They can be but they are also classic PMS symptoms. If you think you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

no may be it might be something wrong with you stomach it matter if you are sick ask you doctor

No, cramping in the lower vagina is not a sign of implantation. The lower vagina would be the vaginal canal.

when i found out i was pregnant i was about 6 weeks nd i had alot of cramping in my lower abdomen they say when you are pregnant that you usually get pains or cramps in your stomach.

Hiya! Yes lower back pain and cramping as well as a late period can be all related to pregnancy. See your doctor for a blood test asap.

Period like cramps are a sign of early pregnancy and I myself experienced these, but unfortunately they are also a sign of your oncoming period. This can prove to be a very unhelpful sign of pregnancy lol.

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