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Cramping in the first trimester is to be expected because your uterus is just beginning to expand, particulary toward the end.

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Q: Is cramping usual in the first trimester of pregnancy?
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Is sleeping more than usual a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, in your first trimester you will sleep more than usual and may be short of breath or tired in the day due to the extra blood your body is processing.

Is cramping normal before missed period during pregnancy?

If your pregnant, cramping is usual. But if you're not and you missed your period that usually means your pregnant now with a bundle of joy.

Does cramping without period means pregnancy?

Hello there - Cramping without a period doesn't necessarily mean pregnancy sweetheart. It may simply mean your period is approaching but your cramping more than usual for you, or your ovulating, have a tummy bug or any number of things non-pregnancy related. If your period doesn't arrive then do a pregnancy test. Good luck and take care.

You have 2 weeks til you start your period you are having small crampa in your lower stomach could you be pregnant?

Not likely due to the location of the cramping. If you used the geographical term of stomach loosely, then it might be that you are constipated if this cramping is in the lower abdomen. However, the stomach is not an area that would cramp due to pregnancy so if this is the actual location of the cramping then it would rule out pregnancy. Cramping is not a usual symptom of pregnancy. Do you have any other symptoms of pregnancy? Pregnancy is always a possibility with sexual activity.

Cramping at 10 weeks pregnant?

some mild cramping can be expected as your uterus grows bigger ( round ligament pain) but any cramping accompanied by blood should be immediately reported to your doctor. If you are worried call your doctor, that is what they are there for. Cramping during pregnancy is normal hun. But if your concerned or the cramping is more severe than usual for you, then go to ER.

Are cramps usual for your first month of pregnancy?

Yes !

Are night sweats common in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Your whole body temperature rises when you are pregnant. You will find you have little use for blankets and jumpers when you are pregnant. Try putting less layers on the bed than usual.

What is breach IN PREGNANCY?

when the baby comes out feet or bum first and not head first as is usual

Is it normal for you not to be that hungry while your 9 weeks pregnant?

Of course it's normal. Actually, it's quite usual. Most women feel nauseous during the first trimester of pregnancy and because of it it's completely normal not to feel hungry all the time. The sensation of constant hunger appears late in the pregnancy.

Can an ectopic pregnancy be diagnosed by CT scan?

It is not the usual choice. An ultrasound would be the first choice.

When should doctor visits start for pregnancy?

The usual first visit is about 8 weeks after you have missed your period.

Is miscarriage at 5 weeks painful?

just a little more cramping than usual

Is it okay to travel during the third trimester of pregnancy?

I have read over and over again that it's no longer safe to fly in an air plane after your 2nd trimester because of the air pressure. I am sure it is okay to travel in different forms as long as you are obeying all of the usual safety measures reccomended like wearing your seat belt and everything.

What if you are one day late and you are not cramping as usual?

You didn't run fast enough. DA. Talk to you DR.

Could you be pregnant if you just started the pill in the last few weeks and your period was longer than usual and your period cramps havent stopped since or is your body getting used to the pill?

Hi, Most women after taking the pill, notice pregnancy like symtpoms for the first 3 months or lighter than usual periods and less cramping. But there has been cases of heavier periods and worse cramping. But yes you could be pregnant but its very very unlikely because you got your period. You most likely need to change your birth control pill. See your doctor again.

How often is it that a man gets his wife pregnant on the honeymoon?

This phenomena is much more common than you may think. It is usual for the couple to come for termination of the pregnancy. It is advisable to continue the pregnancy. The couple can delay the second pregnancy. At times you terminate the first pregnancy and then the patient does not conceive later on.

Is it a pregnancy sign if you have had all of the symptoms but your cycle still came on but it was not normal and you were cramping really bad?

Yes it is...I was pregnant last year. I had a period onn October 2nd...wasnt hardly any blood...but cramping was hurting more than usual...i ended up being 9 and a half weeks when i found out. I had gotten pregnant 3 days before that period came.

Can the lack of usual menstrual symptoms be a sign of pregnancy?

Could be:)

Is it usual to not be hungry during pregnancy?

Yes- as there are many symptoms of pregnancy- fatigue, loss of appetite, heartburn, etc.

What are the symtopms of pregnancy?

Usual signs of pregnancy are: Morning Sickness Cramping Spotting Fatigue Need to pee frequently Most common sign would be missing a period. But every pregnancy is different as some people can go through out their whole pregnancy with their period and some don't show any symptoms at all. If you are pregnant, good luck:)

If you are more emotional then usual such as crying a lot is that a sign of pregnancy?


What is the usual length of a full term pregnancy?

For humans, nine months.

Can a woman crave a penis during her pregnancy?

There are times during the pregnancy when a woman wants sex more than usual, yes.

Should you be worried if you are 7 weeks pegnant and have cramping and the doctor said your tummy was still soft and there is no protein in your urine?

From one MOM to one TO-BE!unless discharge increases or you begin actually spotting, or cramping becomes severe i wouldn't worry too much. If its near your usual monthly time thios could explain it. Some women have actual periods during their first and second trimester. 1-3 months=1 trimester, 4-6=second, 7-9=third. are your breast tender as they normally are during your period? If so don't get too alarmed but don't go horse-motorcycle riding, jogging etc. Hope this helps. from a mother of 3!!

What do your nipples look like right before pregnancy?

Bigger than usual.