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Q: Is crepe a famous French food?
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Are what are french food names?

crepe, baguette that's all i know

How do you spell crepe in French?

Crêpe (fem.) is the French word for crepe

How do you pronounce crepe in French?

its pronounced krep but spelled crepe.

How do you write crepe in French?

crepe with a dash slanted down on the left on the first e

What is crepe?

Crepe can be a thin French pancake or a type of cloth.The English language style of the word is crape.

How do you spell crepe shop in French?

la crêperie

What is a flat pancake called?

A french pancake, which is a crepe

How do you say crepe in French?

une crêpe (fem.)

What is the French word for a very thin pancake?


What is a crepe like Russian food?


How do you say chocolate crepe in French?


How do you spell crep in french?

Crepe, you left out the 'e' at the end.

Famous food in Europe?

There are many famous foods throughout Europe. Gelato is a famous food from Italy. Crepes are a famous French food. Belgium is famous for chocolate.

What food are the French most famous for?

Bread and cheese.

Who puts sauces on the food?

The French are famous for their sauces

What food are the French famous?

Escargot, crepes and Champange.

How do you spell crape?

The edible French food wrap or pancake is spelled crepe.The name is also used for a crinkled wrapping paper (crepe paper).

How do you spell French crepe in French?

une crêpe [à la française] (in fact we do not call crepes 'French')

What are some of the famous fabrics of India?

India is famous for fabrics such as brocade, crepe, madras, chintz, and silk.

What kind of food does Quebec have?

Quebec is Famous for its French Roots. :)

Famous French food?

cheese bread wine and groceries

Where can I find a recipe for crepes?

Here is the link for basic crepe recipe but you can try this french crepe recipe I hope you`ll enjoy the crepes

What is made in French?

If you are talking about French food, then a variety of french bread are made like for example the famous croissont.

What kind of French food are there?

There are pancakes with different toppings, and alot of french backeries are famous too!

What kind of French food do French people eat?

They eat crepe-type food, generally they like to eat that with ham and cheese for breakfast. Crepe is a type of thin pancake in which you can incorporate many different toppings inside. Baguettes are a main staple of French food. Basically anything with dough, pastry, and butter is what French people eat. Cheese is a big factor too. The French love anything that goes well with wine which is why usually you get small meals of cheese & bread, to go with your wine. Ham, chicken, & beef are the main protein. Chocolate is big too. We love our sweets. :)