Is crew singular or plural?

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Singular - CREWS = plural. The problem is that it can take a singular or plural verb form. When the word is viewed as a collective noun and its members act as a collectivity, the verb should be plural.
ex: The crew ARE tired.
When the verb is seen as a unit, as a whole, it takes a singular form:
ex. The crew IS made up of 20 people.
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Is plethora singular or plural?

The noun plethora (a plethora) uses singular verb forms. The word plethora is an uncountable (mass) noun, a type of aggregate noun that refers to an unspecified but largenumber of elements, e.g. a plethora of choices.

Is has singular or plural?

"Has" is singular, e.g. He has, she has.. "Have" is plural, e.g. They have, we have.. The exception is "I" - e.g. I have.

What is singular and plural?

The terms singular and plural are two types of grammatical numberused to designate a word as a word for one (singular) or for two or more (plural). Examples: I gave my mom a flower . (singular; one flower) I gave my mom a bouquet of flowers . (plural; more than oneflower) The boy was eating ( Full Answer )

Is have singular or plural?

Have is used with plural subjects (and singular I). I have to go now. We have to go. They have to go too. Has is used with singular subjects. He has to go and she has to go as well.

Is their singular or plural?

There IS a singular and plural Singular: Referring to only one thing or person. Plural: a word in the form in which it potentially refers to something other than one person or thing; and other than two things if the language has a dual form. . I think the previous contributor misunderstood ( Full Answer )

Is is singular or plural?

The verb "is" is the singular, third person, present tenseconjugation of the verb "to be." The forms are: He is / She is / It is

Is she singular or plural?

The pronoun she is singular, a third person singular pronoun, used as a subject. (The object form is hers.) The plural third person pronoun is they, used as a subject. Examples: Where is the girl? She is at the store. Where are the girls? They are at the store.

Is anybody singular or plural?

Anyone/anybody refers to =any person or individual. Anybody is an indefinite pronoun and is always singular.

Is had plural or singular?

Had is the past tense conjugation of the verb have , it is used for both singular and plural subjects.

Is were plural or singular?

Easily plural because in a proper sentence you can't say "I were". However, in the subjunctive mood, "were" can be used with asingular subject. Example: "I wish I were better educated."

What is a personal pronoun that can be singular or plural?

The personal pronoun that is used for singular or plural is you . The pronoun 'you' can take the place of a singular , plural , or a compound antecedent. Examples: Jack , I've made lunch for you . (singular) Boys , I've made lunch for you . (plural) Jack and Jill , I've made lunch for ( Full Answer )

Is him a plural or a singular?

The pronoun 'him' is the singular, objective form for the subjective pronoun 'he'. Example: He is my brother John. I can bring him to the party. The plural form is 'they' as the subjective, and 'them' as the objective. Example: They are my brothers John and Jim. I can bring them to the p ( Full Answer )

Is All singular or plural?

ADJECTIVE (also referred to as a determiner) The adjective 'all' is used to describe a singular or a pluralnoun: . They worked all night . (singular) . All participants must sign in. (plural) PRONOUN The pronoun 'all' is used in place of a singular or a plural noun: . All is lost. ( All o ( Full Answer )

Is think singular or plural?

"To Think" is a verb. Verbs cannot be singular or plural as you can't have a number of "thinks." You can think many thoughts or just one thought, but thinking is strictly an action word.

Is rice singular or plural?

Rice is both singular and plural. When it's plural it would begrains of rice or cups of rice. When you talk about different kindsof rice it becomes rices.

Special singulars with their plurals?

The are different kinds of "special" singulars in the sense you mean. One kind is nouns that form the plural by changing the vowel instead of simply adding -s, as most plurals are formed. These include old words like man/men, goose/geese, mouse/mice etc. Other old nouns have plurals in -n, such as ( Full Answer )

Is is plural or singular?

"Is" is singular. More specifically, it is the verb TO BE conjugated to the third person singular, present tense. For example: He is smart. She is running. Henry is hilarious.

Is was or were plural or singular?

The words was and were are not singular or plural, BUT... WAS is used after a singular noun, and WERE is used after a plural noun. Examples: The dog (a singular noun) WAS walking in the park today. The dogs (a plural noun) WERE walking in the park today. A helpful saying to remember ( Full Answer )

Is we singular or plural?

The pronoun 'we' is the plural form, first person subjective personal pronoun. The singular, first person subjective personal pronoun is 'I'.

Have is plural or singular?

Have is used with plural noun phrase subjects or with I, we, they, you. We have a new car. The neighbours have an old car.

What is a singular and a plural?

Singular means one and plural means many, or more than one. Examples of singular would be mouse, goose, or person. Example of plural would be mice, geese, or people.

Is it a plural or a singular?

The personal pronoun 'it' is singular , a word that takes theplace of a singular noun for a thing. The corresponding plural, personal pronouns are they as thesubject of a sentence or a clause, and them as the object ofa verb or a preposition. Examples: A horse stood by the fence. It looked ( Full Answer )

Is do singular or plural?

The noun 'do' is the singular form. The plural form is 'dos'(rarely used). The noun 'do' is a word for a hairstyle; an occasion on whichpeople can assemble for social interaction and entertainment; aword for a thing.

Is that singular or plural?

The word that is singular. Examples: Singular, That boy is my friend. Plural, Those boys are my friends. Singular, I like that. Plural, I like them. I like those.

What is it singular or plural?

From what I can tell, you are asking if the word 'it' is a singularor plural word. The word 'it' is a singular pronoun, a word that takes theplace of a singular noun. Example: That dog is baring its teeth. It looksangry.

What is singular or plural?

Singular means just 1 thing and plural mean two or more things. For example: singular-cow, plural-cows. Perhaps you are asking if the interrogative pronoun 'what' is singular or plural. The pronoun 'what' can represent a singular or plural answer so it is neither neither because the quantity is ( Full Answer )

What is singular and plurals?

A 'singular' (singular noun) is a word for one person, place, orthing. A 'plural' (plural noun) is a word for two or morer persons,places, or things. EXAMPLES singular: teacher plural: teachers singular: city plural: cities singular: book plural: books singular: child plural: children singular: ( Full Answer )

What plural words end singular and plural?

Examples of plural nouns with plural endings: . parents . parks . hot dogs . lawyers . neighborhoods . tomatoes Examples of plural nouns with irregular plural forms: . children . cities . geese . media . men . teeth

Is she a plural or singular?

The pronoun she is singular; if there are two or more females, the appropriate pronoun is they (subjective) or them (objective).

Does is plural or singular?

Does is the third person singular form of the verb do . Does is used with singula r noun or pronoun subjects.

Is there singular or plural?

There has several functions and takes a singular or plural verb form depending on use: Pronoun: There is the exit. There are two more exits down the corridor. Adverb: The exit is there. Two exits are there, down the corridor. Adjective: That exit there goes to the alley. The two e ( Full Answer )

Is him a singular or a plural?

The pronoun him is singular , third person objective for the subjective he. The plural forms are they, subjective, and them, objective.

Is their singular of plural?

The word 'their' is a plural pronoun, a word that takes theplace of a plural noun or pronoun, or two or more nouns orpronouns. The pronoun 'their' is a possessive adjective, a word placed beforea noun to describe that noun as belonging to two or more people orthings. Examples: The boys are ridi ( Full Answer )

Is me plural or singular?

The pronoun 'me' is the singular , objective, firstperson, personal pronoun. The plural form of the objective, first person, personal pronoun is us . Examples for singular and plural: I stayed at the cabin. It was a quiet weekend for me . (singular) Jack and I stayed at the cabin. It was ( Full Answer )

Is you a plural or singular?

You is plural or singular, depending on context. In most cases, context is sufficient to clear any ambiguity.

Is have or has a plural or singular?

'have' is plural, 'has' is singular. *unless given it comes after 'I' and 'You'.. Example: Debby has a dog/ Betty and Ben have three dogs/I have a dog/You have a dog.

Is has or have plural or singular?

Has is the third person singular conjugation of have. Have is the conjugation used for all other persons, singular and plural.

Is crew plural or singular?

The noun 'crew' is a singular noun. The plural noun is 'crews'. The word 'crew' is also a verb: crew, crews, crewing, crewed.

Is me singular or plural?

The personal pronoun 'me' is singular . The pronoun 'me' takes the place of the noun for the personspeaking as the object of a verb or a preposition. The corresponding first person, subject pronoun is 'I'. Example: My mother tells me that I am smart and beautiful. . the pronoun 'me' is the dire ( Full Answer )

Is him singular or plural?

The personal pronoun 'him' is singular . The personal pronoun 'him' takes the place of a singular noun (orname) for a male as the object of the verb or a preposition. The corresponding third person, singular, subjective, pronoun is'he'. Examples: . Jack will be able to join us. I called him t ( Full Answer )