Is cricket played in Fiji?

Cricket in Fiji started in 1874 in Levuka, Ovalau when a visiting Royal Naval Ship visited Levuka and played a local side, which was selected at the Royal Hotel in Levuka. This aroused a need to start a cricketing organisation to facilitate such travels and challenges from visiting teams especially Royal Naval Ships. The first trip of 1895 to New Zealand was a highlight of this small British Colonial administration and further trips and cricket matches eventuated leading to the tour of New South Wales in 1908 recognised as an official tour by the Fiji Cricket team. The Fiji Cricket Association was founded in 1946 by Philip Snow O.B.E with the support of Ratu Sir LalaSukuna who became the first President. In 1965, through the efforts of Philip Snow, Fiji was elected, together with Ceylon (as it then was) and U.S.A, as the first Associate Members of the International Cricket Conference (as it then was).