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Is criminal behavior rational?

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Did Egypt have criminal behavior and if they did what was their criminal behavior?

Of course, every country has criminal behavior in it.

What is difference between rational and irrational behavior?

rational behavior is a behavior act and have a reasons.........irrational behavior is a behavior has a know reason............................

Define criminal behavior?

By definition criminal behavior is a "behavior in violation of the criminal code" also known as the law.

WHAT IS THE behavior and motivation guided by reasonable principles?

RATIONAL behavior

What is the code of criminal behavior?

I believe you are referring to the Criminal Codes which are the compendium of statutes and regulations which are applicable to, and define, criminal acts anhd behavior that is punishable by law.

What are the to main functions of criminal law?

To prevent and punish criminal behavior.

If terrorist behavior is compared to criminal behavior .Provide examples.?


Does race have a role in criminal behavior?

No. The only constant to criminal behavior is choice.

What has the author John Matthew Fabian written?

John Matthew Fabian has written: 'Adult criminal behavior and morality' -- subject(s): Criminal psychology, Moral development, Reasoning, Criminal behavior

What is rational criminal law?

The idea that if informal private sanctions can insure compliance, criminal law has no role to play.

What is the repetition of criminal behavior called?


Is criminal justice a social study?

Yes it could be. The socialization of people affects behavior and criminal behavior can be the outcome. So, therefore, it is a study in social behavior and attitudes concerning crime in society.

What are the ratings and certificates for Criminal Behavior - 1992 TV?

Criminal Behavior - 1992 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16 Iceland:L

What are the Types of Behavior?

1.Over and Covert Behavior2.Conscious and Unconscious Behavior3.Rational and Irrational Behavior4.Voluntary and Involuntary Behavior5.Simple and Complex Behavior

How does criminal behaviour change with age and sex?

Criminal behavior tends to decrease with age.

What has the author Patrick H McAllister written?

Patrick H. McAllister has written: 'Rational behavior and rational expectations'

What are the ratings and certificates for Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior - 2011?

Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

What does rational-emotive behavior therapy do?

REBT focuses on helping patients discover these irrational beliefs that guide their behavior and replace them with rational beliefs and thoughts in order to relieve their emotional distress.

If deviance is behavior that violates social norms and societal rules, and criminality is behavior that breaks formal criminal laws, should deviant behavior be treated differently than criminal behavior in the criminal justice system?

In general, not always, society's laws and regulations are created to minimize deviant behavior. More specifically we have: When the deviance is addressed by law and order, it is by definition a crime. And anyone convicted of such behavior is a criminal. But when it's not addressed by law and order, we only have social pressures (e.g., shaming) to control it. And anyone performing such behavior is not a criminal, but they might become social outcasts. And finally society might simply ignore the deviance as being harmless, for example, and let it go on. In this latter case, if the deviance persists long enough society might morph into accepting that ignored deviance as a norm and no longer a deviance.

How is criminal law created?

Most criminal law is created with a statute (law) that bars the behavior.

One sociological criminal behavior theory?


What is Crime Typology?

A classification of criminals or a criminal behavior.

What exactly is criminology?

The organized study of criminal behavior.

What is the most dangerous criminal behavior?

killing someone

A positive environment to avoid criminal behavior?