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You can get STDs that way too. You can cut a condom open and put on the vagina, or get other barriers called dental dams. According to a local health department, non-microwaveable food wrap is also acceptable to use as a dental dam. They specified non-microwaveable, since the microwaveable kind is more porous.

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Is sperm licking safe?

It is important to ask yourself if the man would give you cunnilingus during your period?

Cunnilingus and kissing which is safer?

Kissing is safer. Cunnilingus you can still get sexual transmitted diseases.

Is it safe to eat vagina?

"Eat" as in perform the sexual act of cunnilingus? Generally yes, although a lot will depend on your partners intimate hygiene and whether or not she has any STIs.

What does being eaten out mean?

Receiving cunnilingus.

Who is leland murrin?

Cunnilingus and fellatio lover.

Is french lick slang for something?


What is a panty meal?

Another name for cunnilingus.

Why woman likes cunnilingus?

Sensitive and intimate

What is oral sexual stimulation for a women called?


What is it called when a guy licks a vagina?

Cunnilingus or cunnilinctus.

What is a gross word that starts with a C?

capsicum cunnilingus

What is it called when some one puts your vagina in their mouth?


What does eating in sexual terms mean?

Giving cunnilingus to a woman.

How do you prepare a woman who is not satsfied with sex?

Cunnilingus. Yours, Wiseguy

What kind of benefit will get by Licking vaginal ejacuation?

There are no health benefits to cunnilingus.

Do women enjoy cunnilingus as much as men enjoy fellatio?


Who and Why did cunnilingus start?

The question should not be "who and why" Who knows who? but why? Very simple, to give more intimate pleasure to your partner. Nothing is more intimate than cunnilingus, more intimate than penetration of the penis to the vagina. Mutual cunnilingus ie., the old "69" cannot be compared to any other form of sex, and in itself is an exression of supreme intimacy.

Condoleezza Rice holds what office?

Cunnilingus Rice of the Bush House of Crazyness

If you perform cunnilingus does it mean you have lost virginity?

No you do not loose it, you will loose it if you only have intercourse.

Should a male perform cunnilingus?

Only if he expects fellatio. Or if he wants his partner to have an orgasm.

Can you get an STD from cunnilingus?

Yes, you can get STD's from any form of sexual activity where there may be genital to genital or genital to mouth contact. This is why we have dental dams to protect people from STD's while giving oral sex.

What is going down on a person?

Also called performing Felicio or cunnilingus. It is a euphemism for oral sex.

What does cuninlingus mean?

Cunnilingus, as it's spelled, is the name given to performing oral sex on a woman.

What Is it called when a woman gets licked?

Cunnilingus is the word meaning the oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva.

What is a boyfriends responsibility?

Well I'd say the list starts with performing cunnilingus once in a while.