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Q: Is daytime darker than nighttime on Neptune?
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How can you tell when its nightime in Pokemon Diamond?

You can tell when it is nighttime when everything gets darker than what you would usually see during the daytime, since Pokemon Diamond turns nighttime in real time.

What happens when daytime is longer than nighttime?

It gets warmer.

Which months of the year when nighttime is longer than daytime?

Autumn and winter.

Which months daytime is longer than nighttime?

During the summer (in the northern

Is Uranus darker than Neptune?

Uranus is very dark

Why do plants more sugar in them during daytime than at nighttime?

it is about the photosynthesis. It is happening only in the day time.

What month of the year when nighttime is longer than daytime?

December is the best example, or June for people in the southern hemisphere.

Why is it cooler at nighttime than daytime?

Because the Earth orbits around the sun, and the sun is more visible daytime. One part of the earth faces Sun during the day.

Which planet has 13 moons and 5 rings?

Neptune has 13 moons and 5 rings. Neptune's rings are much darker than Saturn's rings.

Are Neptune's rings darker and thinner than Saturn's?

Yes. Saturn's rings are the brightest in the solar system.

Why is the air cooler during night time than daytime?

The air is cooler around the sea during the daytime, and the air is cooler around land during nighttime. This is because there is an uneven heating of liquids at different times. This is caused by convectional currents.

How long are days in winter?

For any given point on Earth, the length of winter daytimes is just slightly longer than the length of summer nighttimes. So if the longest daytime where you live is 15 hours, the shortest daytime is 9 hours, and if the longest daytime there is 14 hours, the shortest daytime is 10 hours, and so on. (The correlation between winter days and summer nights would be exactly the same if not for refraction caused by the atmosphere making the sun visible when it's actually a little below the horizon. That's why the length of daytime on the equinoxes is not exactly 12 hours.) Exception: Daytime at the north pole is about 7½ days longer than nighttime at the north pole, and nighttime at the south pole is about 7½ days longer than daytime at the south pole. This is because Earth travels fastest in its orbit when it's closest to the sun, which happens in early January, and it travels slowest when it's farthest from the sun, which happens in early July.

What is similar to Jupiter's Great Red Spot only darker?

Neptune's Great Cold Spot is darker than Jupiter's Great Red Spot. The storm is like a hurricane, made of ice and cold, fast winds.

Was Wheel of Fortune really premiere in 1982?

No it was later than 1982. The nighttime syndicated edition premiered on September 19 1983. The synicated nightime version with Pat Sajak and Vanna White as Host has been on over 30 years with them as hosts. They were also host for a daytime network show that started before the nighttime show The network version which started in 1975 was originally hosted by Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford and both had left the daytime network show when Pat Sajak and Vanna White began to host the daytime show.

Why is sound greater during the night time than it is in the daytime?

Sound is not greater during the nighttime. You are just more wary of it as you are tired and don't want to wake anyone up (if you live with someone else.)

Why do burglarys get treated differently if the burglary happens during the daytime vs nighttime?

With residential burglary - it is because the the residence is MUCH more likely to be occupied by sleeping and unsuspecting victims than during the day.

How is water vapour responsible for global warming?

Water in the air doesn't heat the air up. Water in the air moderates temperatures. It tends to make daytime temperatures cooler and nighttime temperatures warmer than they would be in drier air.

Why cant you see the moon that well in the daytime?

the sun is brighter than the moon in the daytime and the in the daytime we are facing the sun and in the night time we are not the sun is brighter than the moon in the daytime and the in the daytime we are facing the sun and in the night time we are not

Why does Neptune have a black hole?

Neptune does not have a black hole (in the normal astronomical sense, a black hole is a mass large enough in a volume small enough to have an event horizon). However, you may mean the Great Dark Spot on the surface of Neptune, which is darker than the rest of the blue surface. The dark spots on Neptune are storms in the atmosphere, similar to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

How many darker than black episodes are there?

In the first season of darker than black there are 25 episodes. There is 1 OVA. In season 2 of darker than black (darker than black: Gemini of the meteor) there are 12 episodes. happy watching(:

What was the flavor of the Lipstick Vanna White wore the Day she and Pat Sajak Kissed?

The lipstick show was a different episode on a totally different Nighttime syndicated Wheel of Fortune Program than for the last Network daytime show Pat Sajak did where they actually kissed.

Is brown darker than red?

Yes brown is darker than red

What is least darker than the umbra?

The PENUMBRA is least darker than the umbra.

Is tan darker than beige?

Yes tan is darker than beige.

Is red darker than green?

Yes red is darker than green.