Is demonic possession real?

Answer Demonic possession

Yes it is a very real problem but great care needs to be taken in making the judgment and in helping the person who is possessed. Alan

Yes, the Bible proves it

All those who do not have trusted in Christ can be demon possessed, with the demon inside of them, or oppressed such as what usually happens if you mess around seances, ouija boards and bloody Mary bathroom rituals.

My dad witnessed to a man, and when he mentioned the Bible and Christ, the man's eyes went cold and the room's temperature dropped, and so did the man's tone of voice. Also, he no longer wanted to talk to him, as demons had control over him, because his severe addiction to drugs had opened him up to demons.


it all depends on do you think what happend in the bible is true. if you do think the bible is true then yes probably it is possible but id like to think demons aren't real and if it is real how can you really tell who is possesed. Monalith