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In regards to a preexisting condition for insurance purposes it is necessary to get a complete psychological evaluation in order for a proper diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder. Bi-polar Disorder is one of the most misdiagnosed forms of Mental Illness there are. The misdiagnoses is correct if in fact one has been currently confirmed to have Bi-polar, However People may be confused due to the fact that bi-polar was previously known as: Manic Depressive Disorder. There are several different types of Bi-polar and according to the symptoms and behaviors one displays helps the Medical Professional make a proper diagnose using the DSM.

I don't think you're asking the right question. Did you properly fill out the application? What does web MD say? Are you talking about a group or individual plan? Maybe the Mental Health Parity Laws apply

Pre-x has to do with what you know your health to be or possibly should have known

AnswerLike the person stated above Bipolar disorder is one of the most misdiagnosed mental illnesses out there. It is very common for people with this condition to go in and out of hospitals because of the severe lows that come with being Bipolar. I was continually treated only as having severe depression and that is just part of being bipolar and any person with the condition will tell you that is sucks to have to continually weather the storm even on medications because most bipolar medications rarely treat the depression and it is risky when combining anti-depressants as you have to find that specific "cocktail" which takes some years and years to find. A large number of people every year kill themselves due to this seductive mental illness because one minute you can feel on top of the world and capable to the point of delusion and then the next feeling like you do not even deserve to exist, certainly symptoms of depression, clinically diagnosed or not, the lows of being bipolar.
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Q: Is depression a preexisting condition when Psychiatrist says is a misdiagnosis if Bipolar is not yet recognized by clinician?
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