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It can be. But it could also be a sign for infection somewhere in your body. Talk to your doctor see if he/she will check your white blood count for you. Sometimes even a simple urine test. I had this problem myself. Try to avoid sugar and caffine. Eat vanilla flavored or plain yogurt that is low in sugar. Aalso try to avoid white bread because of the yeast. I suffer from IBS and this is how I control mine. It does help. Drink lots of water and try some herbal teas.


I agree, both my pregnancies started with diarrhea although constipation is more common. However the white bread thing is only a problem if you have an intolerance, for other people it may be dairy products (lactose intolerance) hence don't eat yogurt, whatever works for you.

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Q: Is diarrhea normal when you are pregnant?
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People get diarrhea every now and then whether they're pregnant or not. It's probably not related.

Could you be pregnant if you had your period but days before that you had headaches cramping sickness and diarrhea?

you probably had a virus. a normal period means your not pregnant.

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What can i take for diarrhea i am one month pregnant?

Can you have diarrhea when pregnant?

Yes, Diarrhea is a system while you are pregnant, like morning sickness.

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Only if it's explosive diarrhea.

Do people have diarrhea when they are pregnant?

They can. It's not mandatory.

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No as diarrhea is caused by food and water ,and not by having anal sex.

Is having bad stomach cramps and having diarrhea normal before getting your period?

I have bad stomach cramps and bad diarrhea is that normal?

5 months pregnant and having diarrhea is that normal?

Your diarrhea may or may not be related to your pregnancy. Many hormonal changes occur during this time. At this point you should be checking with a doctor who is following your pregnancy. This is a question you should bring up.

Is diarrhea normal when starting nutritional supplements?

No never

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