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Digital cable is generally more expensive than regular cable, but it is not considered a premium service like a premium channel. It means that the regular channels come in clearer and sharper than the non-digital channels. Some channels are only available on digital.

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Q: Is digital cable more expensive
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Should I get digital cable for my TV?

It depends if you want to spend more. I prefer digital especially because you can get extras like DVR and on demand, but it is more expensive. If you have the extra money I say go for it.

What is more common term for digital optical audio cable?

More common terms for digital optical audio cable; optical audio cable, cable, digital optical, but the shortest and most well-known term is "cable".

Do cable companies charge more for digital cable channels?

Digital cable channels can cost more money. How much more they cost depends on your cable company, some companies do not charge extra.

What are the advantages of having satellite tv?

One advantage of satellite television is that more channels are available than on regular cable. Some say that the picture is more clear and that it can be less expensive than digital cable.

What is the difference between digital cable and regular cable?

It's the way the signal is sent. Regular cable is sent analog, while digital cable is sent as a bunch of 1s and 0s. The digital stream is more efficient, so you can cram more channels into the same signal.

Why did everyone have to go to digital cable in 2009?

Digital transmissions mean a lot more channels can be carried on the same cable,making choice better for the consumer and cable companies packages more attractice.

Are digital video recorders expensive?

Depending on your perception of expensive, and the brand, a digital video recorder may or may not be expensive. Some cable packages will actually include a free DVR. From different channel, you can get different Price of Digital Video Recorder. manufacturer, wholesaler, agent. etc

Can I receive digital cable on a digital tv?

Usually you can receive digital cable on a digital or analog (old) tv, but what matters is that you have a digital cable "box." The digital cable box will usually have its own remote that can be setup to control other things such as the TV or DVD player in addition to the digital cable channel and guide options. And be sure the cable Company is sending you a High Def. signal to that box. Most companies will charge more money for the HD stations.

Where can I find a company that has digital cable in georgia?

You can get digital cable from Comcast cable in your area.

Is Monster the best HDMI cable maker?

HDMI carries a digital signal. The quality of the cable is confirmed by passing certification tests set out by the HDMI organization. You will get the same image quality with a generic cable which cost 50 cents to make as you will with a Monster cable or any brand for that matter. Because HDMI is digital, as long as data is received and interpreted correctly, the quality will be identical regardless of the type of cable. There is no such thing as "more digital". More expensive cable may be more robust. If the cable will be connected and dis-connected on a regular basis, it might be wise to avoid the cheapest cables. If the cable is connected and left in place, as is the case in almost all homes, it is likely to last for many years regardless of the cost.

Which HDMI is better 30v 80c style20276 or monster 300 HDMI?

The sole purpose of an HDMI cable is to carry digital data from one device to another. Because the data is digital, the information received is identical to the information sent by the source. There is no difference in the image quality between any two HDMI cables. Therefore, a $1 HDMI cable will deliver the same image quality as a $200 HDMI cable. Although a more expensive cable is likely to have more robust connectors and a higher grade of cable, the end result is exactly the same as the least expensive. Any salesman telling you that the best quality is achieved with expensive HDMI cables is either lying or ignorant.

Why is it more expensive to use shielded cable?

Manufacturing shielded cable is more expensive to produce than others types of wiring. This extra cost will be passed on to the consumer of the product.

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