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Pure democracy, as our Founding Fathers knew and feared, is a very poor form of government. Democracy is 3 tigers and a goat voting on what's for dinner. Slavery was OK under a democracy, and the majority opinion has been wrong time after time. It has been said once the electorate understands they can vote to take money from those who earn it, and through legislation, give it to those who do not, that government is doomed. That is why we have a representative republic form of government. Describing ourselves as a "Democracy" didn't start until late in the 20th century.

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Is direct democracy good for the government?


Which Enlightenment thinker believed in direct democracy?

Jacques Rousseau believed in a Direct Democracy. A Direct Democracy means that government decisions are made locally and follows the idea that during an election, majority rules (like how in America we vote for the President as a State and the majority of the votes is who the State then votes for). He said that it ensured stability and security in the government. He also believed that people were born good, independent and compassionate and, without laws people would live happily.

Why is direct democracy bad?

Direct democracy is bad because indirect democracy is good. BB Netinyahu x

What would be the result of a direct democracy at the national level?

The result of a direct democracy at the national level would be all citizens participating policy making and running the government. In as much as this is a good system, it is time consuming and may be costly.

Is democracy bad or good?

Democracy is good because of the form government gave people more freedom.

What is a good sentence for Representative Democracy?

a direct democracy would be near impossible in a country with as many citizens as the U.S., which is why we are governed by a representative democracy.

What is a Government set up for the good of the people?


Why is democracy a good form of government?

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A government set up for the good of the people?


What is diffirence and similarity democracy and good government?


What is a good example of direct democracy?

The Fifth French Republic (the modern-day state of France) elects its President by direct popular vote (the entire populace votes, whoever has a majority wins the Presidency).

What is the name of a government set up for the good of the people?


How can you built a good democracy?

A democracy is a state that is run by the majority. Plato would argue that you couldn't build a "good democracy" since he believed that "A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers"

What were ideas of Rousseau?

"All men are born free, and everywhere he is in chains." He beleived that the only good government was the one that was freely formed by the people and guided by the "general will" of society-a direct democracy.

What kind of government does the US have today?

DemocracyA real good evviremany

The French motto representing the foundation of good government included?


How good is democracy?

Depends on the government really. some democracies are successful (i.e. UK) while others arent. democracy is the form of government in which the rules are elected by the people

What is the difference between direct democracy and representative demorcracy?

Direct democracy is where citizen themselves play direct and active role in legislation for the country like swiss. Its a good model for small population democracies but practicaly impossible for bigger countries like US and India which are called as representative democracy. In representative democracy citizens select representative that ultimately make legislation.

Why does a dictatorship differs from a democracy?

It is a common mis-perception that there is necessarily a difference. Many times the major difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is there is usually just one tyrant in a dictatorship and several million in a democracy. The propaganda put forth that democracies are governments of freedom because of a "one person, one vote" or "direct vote" policy misses the point of freedom. The ability to elect government officials is not what makes people free. It is the common and natural right to live free, to live ones life without government interference. Good luck in keeping the government at bay in a democracy. If one wants to keep the tyrants at bay, it is better to place limitations on what a government can do. A direct democracy does no such thing. The root word for democracy is Greek for 'mob rule". Uh-oh.

Men such as James Madison felt that only a true democracy would be good for America?

The Founding Fathers were not in favor of direct democracy. In fact, some, like Alexander Hamilton, actually favored something on the lines of a constitutional monarchy. The majority of delegates to the Constitutional Convention favored a form of democracy we know as representative democracy. You will note that the original Constitution provides only the House of Representatives to be elected by the people. The President was chosen by the Electoral College and Senators were appointed by their state legislatures. A representative democracy works better in a large nation. Direct or "true" democracy works well in small nations. An example of direct democracy today might be town meetings held in small towns in New England.

How democracy make people's life better and better?

democracy make our life better because it allows us to vote if there is someone from your government that you don't like you can vote for other person that you like.I think from democracy we have good food,clothing and shelters.Because if we don't have good government then how can our country settle down.

Was the signing of the Mayflower Compact an example of direct democracy or indirect democracy?

The Mayflower compact would be a better example of Direct Democracy then Indirect Democracy. This is because the agreement was ment so that the British Gov could not easily control them as everyone would have a say in it and decide wether it was wise to let the Britsh Gov interfere. An Indirect demo would be where citizens would tell their elected official their opinions and he would report to the king. Our US gov is a good example of Indirect democracy though it also shares a few beliefs with Direct Democracy.

Why was Socrates not a staunch defender of democracy?

He believed that most people were incapable of exercising good government

The French motto representing the foundation of good government included all of the following EXCEPT .?

democracy :)

Is a parliamentary democracy bad for the people?

Parliamentary democracy is usually considered to be a good thin, when it works well. When it does not work well, like any government that does not work well, it is not considered to be a good thing.