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Dissolving in water is a physical change.

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Dissolves in water chemical change or physical?

Dissolving in water is a physical change.

Is dissolves physical or chemical?

Chemical, if it dissolves in a solution such is acid. Physical if one mean dissolves like disintegrates.

Is the soulibility of water a physical or chemical nature of water?

Solubility is a physical property of water because when water dissolves a substance, the chemical composition of the water does not change.

When table salt dissolves in water is it a physical or chemical property?

Dissolving is a physical process, not a property.

Is adding water to lemonade physical or chemical change?

Physical because, the lemonade dissolves into the water, without creating any of the chemical changing results.

Is the reaction between water and sodium hydroxide chemical or physical?

Sodium hydroxide does not react with water, it just dissolves in it, which is a physical change.

What is the chemical equation for potassium nitrate and water?

There is no chemical reaction between potassium nitrate and water. Potassium nitrate dissolves in water, which is a physical change.

Dissolving carbon dioxide in water a chemical change or a physical change?

it is a chemical change because the stuuff dissolves so it is a chemical reaction.

Is salt dissolved in water a chemical or physical change?

Dissolving salt in water is an example of a physical change. Although the ions of sodium and chlorine separate when the salt dissolves, no chemical reaction takes place.

Is salt dissolves in water a chemical change?

No, dissolving salt is purely physical. Salt isn't changed when the water is evaporated (drying is physical as well)

What kind of chemical compound do salt in water form?

None. Salt dissolves in water, but that is not a chemical reaction, and no new compounds are formed. Dissolving is a physical change, not a chemical change.

Does a physical or chemical change occur when sugar dissolves in water?

The combination of sugar and water is a physical change as you can evaporate the water which would then leave behind sugar. It is reversable so it is a physical change.

Is sugar dissolves in water chemical or physical?

a pysical bc it dont change the substance but yes the apearance

If sodium bicarbonate reacts with water what is the result chemically?

It does not react with water, but simply dissolves in it - a physical, not chemical, reaction.

When sugar dissolves into water is that a chemical or physical change?

The change is physical because the change is reversible. Evaporate the water and you are left with the sugar, no new substances are produced; the sugar stays sugar and the water, water.

Is saltwater a chemical reaction?

Adding salt to water is not a chemical reaction, nor is it a chemical change. When salt dissolves in water, this is an example of a physical change. Although the sodium and chlorine ions separate in the water, no chemical reaction takes place.

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