Is district 9 the halo movie?

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No, two TOTALLY different things.

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Q: Is district 9 the halo movie?
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Will their be a halo movie?

There was suppose to be but it was cancelled and District 9 was made instead.

Is steven speildberg directing halo?

No he is not directing a halo movie in fact Peter Jackson was supposed to direct the halo movie but instead he jumped over to the district 9 movie

Who will be directing the halo movie?

there have been talks of either peter Jackson (lotr tril) directing or neil blomkamp (district 9)

When will the halo wars mega bloks brute chopper come out in newzealand?

The project got cancelled. Instead of making halo movie they decided to make a crappy movie called district 9. But if they will continue i will guess it's done in 2011 what are you talking about? but anyway halo wars is out in newzealand so i guess the brute chopper will come out in about august.

Who directed the movie district 9?

Neill Blomkamp

When is the halo movie coming?

there was at first alot of talk about a halo movie, peter Jackson (lord of the rings) was supposedly going to direct it. however he then declared that he would not be making the movie and nothing was said for a good year, we all got the impression that there was not going to be a halo movie at all, but then we saw those awesome odst short films , these were made by niel blomkemp (district 9) and he has now taken on the job of directing halo: the fall of reach, due 2012. hope this helps

Will arbiter be in the halo movie?

There is no halo movie??

Alien movie with 9 in the title?

It's Called "District 9" and it is ridiculous!

How long is district 9 movie?

112 minutes long.

Is that movie District 9 a real documentry?

No, it's fiction.

Who are the actors in the halo movie?

They canceled the Halo movie.

Where can you see scenes for halo the movie?

no halo movie period

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