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Q: Is divergent a good movie
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How good is the movie Divergent?

The movie Divergent was a good movie. I would recommend you watch this movie.

Who plays Tobias in the Divergent movie?

Theo James plays Tobias (Four) in the Divergent movie.

Who plays Tris in the movie Divergent?

Shailene Woodley plays Tris (Beatrice) in the Divergent movie.

When will the second Divergent movie be out?

The second movie in the Divergent series, Insurgent, will be released on March 20, 2015.

When will the movie Divergent come out on demand?

The movie Divergent is scheduled to be released on DVD and for digital purchase on August 5, 2014.

Where can you find the full Divergent movie for free?

You cannot watch Divergent for free legally.

Where can you watch Divergent the movie?

Divergent will be released digitally and on DVD on July 22, 2014.

What movies does theo James play in?

One of the movies Theo James is know for is the movie Divergent. The movie Divergent came out 2014. It is a very popular movie.

When was the movie Divergent released?

Divergent was released on March 21, 2014 in the USA.

When will divergent come out on DVD?

The movie, Divergent, is scheduled to be released on DVD on August 5, 2014. The movie starred Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

When did the movie Divergent come out?


In the movie divergent is four a divergent?

NO HE ISN'T. Four has damaged genes that make him aware in simulations, but not Divergent. His test result was actually Dauntless, because that was his mother's result. His genes were damaged through his father.

Is Divergent going to be a movie?

Divergent came out in cinemas on March 21st, 2014. It came out on DVD in August 2014

Is the movie Divergent suitable for 13 year olds to watch?

Yes, the movie Divergent is suitable for a 13 year old. The film is rated PG-13 in the US and 12A in the UK.

Will there be a movie following Divergent?

Yes, it is part of a trilogy. The next movie will be based on the book Insurgent.

What does mean to have a dream about a husband who had a divergent wife that died tragicallyand he made a romantic traffic movie about their life?

Dreaming about a husband who had a divergent wife that died tragically, and how he made a romantic traffic movie about their life shows how insecure you are in your relationship.

Who plays Uriah in the movie Divergent?

Keiynan Lonsdale was cast as Uriah in the sequel Insurgent.

Should an 11 year old watch the Divergent movie?

Divergent is rated PG-13. (12A in the UK). There is a moderately high level of violence and so it is your decision as to whether it is appropriate for your child.

What is the top grossing movie right now?

At this very moment the top grossing movie in theaters is Divergent with 54.6 million dollars in revenue.

At a divergent boundary what feature forms when two oceanic plates are involved?

An oceanic trench is formed. Divergent boundaries pull away from each other, forming a cavern in the ocean floor. The Marianas Trench is a good example of a divergent boundary.

What is a good sentence for divergent boundaries?

My girlfriend broke up with me, saying that we were developing divergent boundaries. In plate tectonics, divergent boundaries are linear features that exist between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other.

Should you read The Maze Runner or Divergent?

you should definitely read tmr it is much better and so good.

Is Shailene Woodley good?

yeah. I thought she did a great job in divergent.

When did Divergent come out in the movie theaters?

The movie Divergent was released in theaters on March 21, 2014. The second movie in the theories, Insurgent, will be released on May 22, 2015. The final two movies have tentative release dates. Allegiant: Part 1 is scheduled to be released on March 18, 2016, and Allegiant: Part 2 is scheduled to be released on March 27, 2017.

Who is Theo James?

Theo James is an actor. One of his most reprised role is as Tobias in the Divergent movie.