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It's very believable that Dr Lawrence Gordon Is still alive if you look and listen very closely in every film that Saw portrays us.


In the first saw film where the Dr & Adam "the photographer" are locked up in a bathroom it's basically shows you the introduction of Jigsaw and how he works.

As the film goes on It gives out a few pointers that will be very important in the future films which will leave you gob smacked.

Towards the end of "Saw" Dr Lawrence "sawed" his RIGHTfoot off and said that he will get help for Adam, and after the man him selfs gets up from the floor and leaves Adam to die.

Saw 2-

At the begging of the film you see a man who wakes up in a chamber caught up in Jigsaw's game. Once he woke up a video pops up (as always) telling the poor man what his trap is and what his goal is. Jigsaw shows a clip showing the man where the key is hidden, but if you notice that the "person" who is putting the key in the man's eye was limping on his RIGHT foot which gives a big hint that Dr. Lawrence Gordon is still alive and well.

This made me think that Lawrence helped Jigsaw with Amanda's trap because of the man who Amanda thought was dead had a key inside his stomach and John (Jigsaw) couldn't of done that procedure because he was an engineer before he decided to teach people lessons.

The second film is where you have a few people locked up in some sort of abandoned house with Detective Matthews' son. This film doesn't show any hints about Lawrence however you find out that Amanda is working for Jigsaw since she escaped her trap which shows that she is grateful for her life.


Saw 3 is where Jigsaw is dying because of his brain-tumor and where he asked the best doctor "Lynn" to help save his life. If we look back on the first film Lawrence told Adam that everything was going to be okay and he will get help. It's either the 3rd or 4th film this happens but Amanda comes in and said to Adam I'm here to help but then Amanda has other plans and killed him instead.

Also in this film Lynn and Jigsaw were talking to each other [just a chit-chat lol] and Dr Lawrence Gordon came up in the conversation I don't know how the conversation went word to word but what Lynn questioned was "Weren't you Dr Gordon's patient?" & Jigsaw replied "I maybe his patient but he's MINE!" < this gives us a HUGE hint that Lawrence is alive & also working for Jigsaw.


Saw 4 is basically what happened at the same time as Saw 3 was happening so you had a cross-cutting action happening which makes this movie much more exciting! This is why I was confused if Adam was killed by Amanda in the 3rd or 4th film.

In the Spike trap where Husband and Wife were back to back skewered through each others bodies. Only a person with a wise knowledge of what part of the body to pierce through to effect one person and not the other without being as harmed as the other person, and that person must of been a doctor!

Also in Saw 4 Detective Matthews was stuck in a trap where he was barely standing on a block of ice and was hanging on a rope and Hoffman tied to a chair.

In one of the films (I have no idea which one *probably the 3rd*) detective Matthews smashed his foot with the toilet lid and went to kill Amanda but obviously he failed because he's about to die. But if you look carefully he has a cast on his leg where he smashed his foot to pieces which could also link to Lawrence actions. Since he is a doctor.

These are the only clues that I have picked up on after watching it many times and I also hope that in Saw 6 ( I haven't seen it in cinema however I'm going to purchase it on the 8th of March) will give more clues or reveal that Lawrence is still among us!.

I hope this answers your question!

Rachel Davies

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Q: Is dr Gordon from the saw series still alive?
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