Is drake a girl

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Is drake a girl
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Is a drake a girl duck?

A drake is a male duck

Did Nick Drake have a girlfriend?

Nick Drake did have a girl friend.

Is a drake a girl or a boy duck?

a mature male duck is called a drake.

Did drake bell get a girl pregnant?


Does drake go for Alabama or auburn?

drake is the sweetest guy and i think that he would make the perfect boyfriend for any girl!!!!!!!!!! Drake?

Does rapper drake have a girl friend?

No, he doesn't

Who is the girl in drake video find your love?


What does the drake's video to find your love mean?

it means that a gang leader is with that girl drake is hooking up with and at the end he gets caught and the girl with no regrets shoots drake-sounds of gunshot stand for the shooting.

Is drake dating?

drake bell is not dating a girl named nicole, but we do know he is dating britney spears.

Who was Drake's first kiss?

a girl named jaylee

What is Best Ever Had by Drake about?

A girl and how much he appreciates her.

Who sings the new song... This one is for you girl You know who you are girl?

"Replacement Girl" by Trey Songz Ft. Drake