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Is drawing with Sharpie on your skin bad?


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Yes, it puts bad chemicals into your skin, but really don't think it hurts you THAT much. Unfortunately, most people on the web are, wrong about this whole sharpie on skin thing. Your sharpie says is non-toxic. Correct, one point. But, what is it non toxic for.

Well, it's non toxic for is intended use,silly willy. The intended use being writing on hardhats, windows, cardboard boxes, and other such things.

The ASTM standard that sharpies conform to is for writing on things in a well ventilated area. Ie: it looks at the inhalation risk only. Sharpies contain all kind of fun and deadly industrial solvents it can easily soak into your blood stream through your skin. Awesome!

These chemicals, once coursing through your veins can cause liver damage, kidney damage, BRAIN damage, and birth defects.

The manufactures know this, and they only claim to conform to ASTM standard D-2436. Take a look, it's right on your pen. If it's non, uh-oh, you might have a toxic pen.

Try reading this standard, and decide for your self.


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not really unless its permanent and it can cause the skin to become less healthier

The word is "specifically" and the sharpie itself won't do anyhting bad if it's only on for a short period of time. The issue is with getting it off. Scrubbing, sandpaper, and chemicals are VERY bad for you skin, especially the face. Sharpie usually stays on for several days.

No, sharpies are not hazardous to your skin, because when ever i use sharpie i get it on my skin. Nothing ever happens.

No, you should not mark on your skin. The ink and chemicals in the Sharpie will get in your skin, sometimes a Sharpie Marker can or may stay on top of the skin and start going deeper into the human's pores!

Drawing on the skin can cause pore clogging. It can also cause poisoning if the ink gets deep enough into the skin.

yes it can. it was scientifically proven

It is bad to be stabbed with anything. Getting stabbed with a sharpie is not worse than anything else.

You can simply take Sharpie off your skin with nail polish remover or Windex.

Yes it is harmful, the chemical in the highlighter are basically the same as coloring your hair with Sharpie! The chemicals can get absorbed through the hair into your skin. Just as coloring your skin .

The permanent marker contains harmful chemicals and just as your skin absorbs ink, your hair might as well.

No. Putting ink on your skin will not kill you. It will look ugly, but not kill you.

They are considered non-toxic for "normal uses" Sharpie is not meant for skin but is not dangerous.It would take over an ounce (about 29 milliliters) of ink from a Sharpie to cause a reaction, and if a Sharpie is used on the skin it generally won't cause an immediate or obvious health effect. The only time that the ink from the sharpie marker would have any reaction to skin would be if the person has an allergy to a type of alcohol

First you need paper and cardboard. Place the paper on the cardboard so the sharpie won't bleed through and get on your drawing surface. Draw whatever you want to draw with a pencil, but draw it lightly. When you think your pencil sketch is finished start tracing it with the sharpie. Don't press the sharpie so hard. You can use any color sharpie.

No, not at all, but it isn't healthy if you do. If there is too much sharpie ink on your skin and in your bloodstream, you could get ink poisoning.

No. Sharpie markers do not have lead of any kind and the soft points are not likely to penetrate the skin. The "lead" in lead pencils (of Sharpie brand and any other) is graphite, not truly lead.

No, drawing on your skin does not cause cancer.

Yes, it is save to draw on your skin with a sharpie. The ink contains no harmful ingredients, however it does contain acetone, which is an irritant. Should be okay so long as you don't draw all over your body!

Well, you don't really need soap, but if you mix water and baking soda and rub it on the skin where the sharpie is it will go away! U don't even have to rub hard. Hope that helped :)

It last a while but the toxins in a sharpie can absorb in your skin so i recommend you don't do it because it can ruin your blood cells and can poison you or the person

No, Well if I were you then I wouldn't do that because: Sharpies are permanent markers and it isn't nail polish so it won't work on nail polish remover I think! But I wouldn't take a risk. But I am not you so go ahead and try it if you want to... If you will then I recommended you to put a dot on your nails with a sharpie instead of the whole nail.

i find that dawn dish soap gets it off your skin the best

I got some Sharpie on my arm last night, and I got it off in just seconds with Tecnu. Tecnu removes Poison Oak and other Ivy oils, and apparently it removes Sharpie marks off skin.

Not necessarily! Stick figures are crude, but not necessarily bad drawing. They get the job done when trying to explain something.

yes if it touches your white pores they turn black

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