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Is dreary opposite of smiling?

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frowning is the opposite of smiling.

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What is the opposite of thrilling?


What is the opposite of smiling?

The usual opposite of smiling is frowning. (it could also be unsmiling, or somber.)

What is the opposite of frowning?


Is jeer the opposite of smiling?


A unhappy and sad Q What is the opposite of smiling?

Answer:Frowning Opposte: smiling/being happy

What word means the opposite of smiling?


Is dreary an adjective?

Yes, dreary is an adjective--a dreary day.

What is another opposite word for smiling?


What is the opposite of smiling warmly?

The opposite of a warm smile would probably be a ferocious grimace, or an evil glare. The opposite type of smile could be a condescending sneer.

How do you use word dreary in a sentence?

It was a dark and dreary night.That book was so dreary that I could not finish it.

What is the abstract noun for dreary?

The abstract noun form of the adjective 'dreary' is dreariness.

What is the opposite of colorful?

The opposite (having no color at all) could be uncolored, colorless, or white, but more frequently colorful refers to having lively colors, so the opposites could be dull, drab, dreary, faded, plain, or monotonous.Metaphorically, the word colorful (expressive) could have the opposites passive, inexpressive, or subdued.Colorless, drab, dreary, faded, plain, uncolored, uncolorful...

How can use dreary in a sentence?

Looking out the window and seeing the rain confirmed that it was a dreary day.

What does dreary mean?

Dreary means unhappy, bored, down in the dumps, depressed

What is opposite from clown?

A goth or emo person probably, because a clown is always smiling and happy and enjoys making other people happy. An emo or goth is totally the opposite of that.

Can you give me a sentence with the word dreary?

The world was dark and dreary, because it was rainy and stormy outside.It was such a dark and dreary day that we decided to go to a bright and cheerful movie.It was sunny in the morning, however the day turned dreary when the sky grew dark and it began to rain.

What is the zip code for Dreary Lane in New York City?

There is no Dreary Lane in New York City.

What was is the opposite of smiling?

It is said to be frowning, or a sad or unpleasant case as such. Since smiling would mean a happy or positive case, it would most likely result to the opposite which is sad or unpleasant, or any other words that could fall along those lines.From Dictionary andReading Proffessor,J. L. Livelia

Is dreary vastness an oxymoron?


Is midnight an adjective in midnight dreary?

"Midnight" is the noun in the phrase "midnight dreary." "Dreary" is the adjective that is describing "midnight."In the English language, the adjective usually comes before the noun, however; the phrase "midnight dreary" comes from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven," in which Poe places "dreary" after "midnight" in order to set up the rhyme with "weary" that follows: "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary...." The inverted syntax is also indicative of the time period in which Poe was writing.

What is an adjective for dreary?

The word dreary is an adjective. It means gloomy, dull, or sorrowful. There is a rarely seen related adjective, drearisome.

What are the release dates for A Dreary Diary - 1916?

A Dreary Diary - 1916 was released on: USA: 6 September 1916

What is the future tense of is smiling?

"Is smiling" is the present progressive. The future progressive is "will be smiling".

Malevolence is to compassion as dreary is to?


What rhymes with weary?

Dreary, leery,