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Is drinking hot water good for your skin?

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Drinking hot water is good for your total health, in a way it helps digestion of fats in a better way.

Yes drinking 6 - 8 glasses of water per day can help clear up your complexion, as well as having other benefits to your health

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Hot tap water is not really good for you because of the higher amount of dissolved minerals and metals in it. Drinking hot water has nothing to do with digestion of fats or anything else.

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Is drinking hot water good for the skin?

Yes. It gives you good skin if you drink it in the morning.

Does drinking hot water is good for health?


Is drinking hot water good for you?

drinking boiled water from the kettle, unless it is absolutely boiling, is actually good for you. it is good for your digestive system and the water is generally better because it is much purer. however drinking water that has come out of the hot tap at your house is not good for you. I don't know why, but I just know that if you have a tummy ache or something, or you're cooking and need to put the vegetables in hot water, or you just want a hot drink, you should not use hot water from the tap. it should be used for washing up and washing your hands and generally washing stuff!

Is ginger tea good for dizziness?

No, but what will help is laying down and drinking hot water, not flavored.

Is drinking hot water in a cup of tea the same as drinking a cold glass of water?

sure it is not the same because of the burning effect of hot water eodema of pharincs and laringitis

Can drinking hot water cause a miscarriage?

There doesn't seem to be any evidence that drinking hot water would cause a miscarriage. Drinking coffee or tea could be avoided because of the caffeine.

What does drinking warm water do in your body?

Drinking hot water before meals reduces hunger, which makes you eat less. This way, you will not over-eat and you will reduce fat and calories from your meal. Water is great for your skin, body, heart, lungs, face and the rest of your body.

When does hot water burn skin?

depends on skin. you can have tough skin or week skin

What can hot water do to the scalp if it is not tested by hand first?

Excessively hot water can scald your skin, no matter where that skin is. A scald is a burn caused by hot liquids.

Does drinking hot water damage liver?

absolutely not.

Why does drinking hot water make you thirsty?

hot water consists of a chemical which makes us feel thirsty

Drinking water- should you use hot water tap?


Does drinking hot water shrink your stomach?

No but it will shrink your penis

Why a lot of hot water is pour onto skin will causes more painful compare to less hot water?

Because the water is hot!

What can do to reduce too hot of body?

a cool rag on the back of the neck, air movement across the damp skin, slowly drinking cool water, not ice water as may cause shock to your throat.

Is hot milk good with honey?

Yes. Hot milk is good with honey. Drinking hot milk with honey will help sooth a sore throat.

Is drinking hot water and lemons good for you after a meal?

no whiskey and coke is better. i advise atlest three mabey four if your are at a meal with inlaws (:

Water in bowl disappears?

If you have a pet that is drinking it ;o) Or if it is hot is it evapourating?

What does drinking hot water prevent?

Temporarily prevents urine infection.

Why is drinking hot water from the tap bad for you?

it is not just tastes bad

Does drinking hot water in the morning help to have a flat tummy?


Does water stop hiccups?

drinking hot water stops hiccups because your stomach is cold

Which is warmer tepid or hot water?

Hot Water Is Hotter Than Tepid Water Because Tepid water is at body temperature, so should not feel either hot or cold when it touches your water

What is hotter a tepid or hot water?

Hot Water Is Hotter Than Tepid Water Because Tepid water is at body temperature, so should not feel either hot or cold when it touches your skin. hot water

What are the benefits of drinking lukewarm water?

The benefits of drinking lukewarm water is that your body doesn't have to cool the water from hot water or warm up the water from cold water. This saves energy and does not put stress on your body.