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Not at all, unless you're alergic to it

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What does the dust symbolize in out of the dust?

it symbolizes bad because it causes hardaches

Bad things about mars?

it has harmful dust

Dust is bad for your health?

Only with people who have asthma but dust may cary germs in the air

Can you die from eating dust?

just dust itself: no but if there was something really really bad in the dust then maybe yes odds are though, that you will be fine

What was the impact of the dust bowl on cities?

blah it was bad, really bad!!!!!!, really really really really bad. superbad. intense. people hit jack rabbits with clubs. OUCH!!! That was BAD TOO REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD. . but not as bad as the dust bowl itself. but it was still bad.

Are dust devils bad?

Not if you close your eyes and mouth.

What were the bad things about the dust bowl?

you were the worst part about it

What was the cause and what contributed to the cause of the dust bowl?

bad winds

What was major causes of the dust bowl?

water an bad crops

Does corn on the cob go bad?

Any food can go bad. It all depends on how it's been stored/held, but eventually, anything we use as food will return to the earth.dust to dust

How is dust bad for the body?

the reason why is because when you inhale dust it irritates your lungs so you cough being in it for too long the dust will settle in your longs and you wont be able to stop coughing

Is it bad for chinchillas to take a lot of dust baths?

No! Is just their way of getting clean and matt free. Dust baths are highly recommended.

Is saw dust bad for chickens?

no, my chickens lay eggs in saw dust all the time. you just have to clean out the saw dust every once in a while if it gets dirty. hoped this helped!

Is it bad to eat snowflakes?

Many of my teachers say it is because snowflakes are comprised of dust (and other elements). Whether it's really bad for you I don't know, but dust bunnies don't sound very appetizing...

Dust devil why are they bad luck?

They aren't. However some tribes in Africa and the Middle East used to believe that dust devils were evil spirits.

Does Dust off causes frostbite?

If you inhale it (realy bad idea) it causes frostbite on your tounge. Many deaths are related to Inhaling Dust Off.

What were causes for the dust bowl?

Deforestation, bad weather, overuse of the land for agriculture and poor cultivation techniques all contributed to the dust bowl in the U.S.

Is it possible for your guinea pig to have allergies to dogs or dust?

I am not sure about dogs but dust is very bad for guinea pigs. They are very susceptible to respiratory problems so dust is VERY bad for them. Be sure to not ever use wood shavings as bedding for that very reason.Hope This Helps,A Guinea Pig Lover

Is it bad to bathe a hamsters every other week?

bathing your hamster in a dust bath is fine, but a water bath is bad for the oils in its fur. I would recommend going to a pet store and picking up some dust bath.

How do you make a pet rock in battleon?

slattwob dust, magma leaf and bad juice.

Are harmful bacteria found in dust?

Yes. India has a very bad problem where the is very few indoor toilets. Many people defecate and urinate even in cities. This produces a very bad dust with millions of harmful bacteria in it.

Is dog hair and dust bad for baby's lungs?

It depends on the baby because if it spent it's whole life eating dog hair and dust than it will be ok, but if the baby only sees it when it is 2 or 3 than it might be really bad.

How prevent chicken coop bad odor?

Keep it clean and dry and dust it periodically with lime.

What disasters do volcanoes cause?

It may result in killing people, bad dust in the air and pollution

What are the effects of chalk dust on the lungs?

Bad things may happen like scarring and tumors.