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Is eating baby powder harmful?

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I just absolutely love it. I have always loved it. I used to only Johnson's but then after my aunt who lives with it I completely LOST it. I resorted to anything especially chalk. Then after going to my new school the nurse had baby powder in her office I would say I had cramps a stomach ache anything that would allow me to be able to eat it. The 12 years I have been alive that is all I have done. But now with my new baby sister and the fact that my father uses baby powder I am okay. I have NOT tried to break the habit. I am glad many people do this.

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Is eating baby powder harmful to babies?


Eating baby powder while pregnant harmful?

Stick to eating food items only.

Is baby powder harmful to eat?

The baby powder itself is not harmful, but the powder is so fine that it could be possible for the fine particles to be inhaled and cause respiratory problems.

Is it harmful to snort baby powder?


Does eating baby powder cause intestinal problems?

Eating baby powder can cause many intestinal problems. It can cause blockages which can be severely painful because of how thick the baby powder is.

Is cooking with Johnson and Johnson pure baby powder harmful or it should not attempted?

Baby powder is not food.

Is eating baking powder harmful to your body?

Baking powder is a raising agent that is used in cooking to help cakes and biscuits rise, so eating it is not harmful. As with a lot of things, eaten in large quantities, everything is harmful to your body.

Can eating baby powder cause yeast infections?

Well, no one should eat baby powder. Do you mean, using baby powder can cause yeast infections?

Will eating baby powder affect an unborn child?


Can cats die from eating baby powder?


Can eating baby powder cause migraines?

no it canot

Can eating cornstarch during pregnancy be harmful to your baby?


Is it harmful for a toddler to eat baby powder?

Of course it is a problem if a toddler ate (ingested) baby powder! Call your doctor to see what they recommend.

Is eating lemons while pregnant harmful?

No, eating lemons is not harmful to the baby. However, eating lemons undiluted is very harmful to the enamel on your teeth since they are very acidic. Moderation is the key.

Does eating whey protein powder is harm to body?

Eating whey protein powder is not harmful to your body. You do want to make sure to only take the recommended amount.

Is talc powder harmful to a cat?

Talcum powder is definitely harmful to cats. Talcum powder, if inhaled by cats, increases the change of feline lung problems. Eating talcum powder could definitely cause damage to internal organs.

What are the risks of eating baby powder and smoking?

Baby powder has chemicals in it why would you eat that!! It can't be good for you cause it is not meant to be eaten.

Does eating baby powder cause loss of hearing?


Can eating toilet paper be harmful to an unborn baby?


Is it harmful for dogs to eat baby powder?

yes of course you stupid idiots!

Is it harmful for a baby to eat washing powder?

It can be extremely harmful for a baby to eat washing soda. If this happens you should call 911 and then Poison Control immediately.

Is baby powder harmful to a one year old child?

Once the child is no longer a baby, it becomes toxic.

Can eating baby powder cause cancer?

It depends, do you live in California?

Does eating baby powder cause you to gain weight?

Yes, it will cause you to gain weight but not alot. And you should not be eating baby powder in the first place. It could harm you in the long run and has no nutritional value.

Is eating baking powder good for you?

I want to know if eating baking poweder is harmful to your healh. I love eating it.....My kids think that I have a problem...I will go to the bathroom

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