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no, its quite healthy As long as the minnows are fresh (even alive) and came from clean, unpoluted water.

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How long could minnows last without eating?

3 months

How does a salmon get energy?

By eating small fish (minnows), and various plant life.

What is a group of minnows is called?

Collective nouns for minnows are a shoal of minnows, a steam of minnows, a stream of minnows, and a swarm of minnows

How do you take care of wild minnows?

Taking care of wild minnows is much like taking care of tropical fish. They need clean water at the proper temperature and ph. Wild minnows may also need to have a current in their tank, and they will do best eating live or frozen foods.

Should you separate minnows from babies?

no because minnows can live with other minnows

What eats minnows?

frogs can eat minnows

Is eating cement dangerous?

yah itc reallly dangerous

Are minnows herbivores?

minnows are herbivores they eat algae

What predators eat minnows?

Flounders eat minnows.

Are minnows birds or reptiles?

Neither. Minnows are fish.

Why does the energy in minnows not get passed on to the pike that eat them?

If I'm right, the phrasing in the question is slightly misleading, so I can only assume that your intent is to ask why not all the energy in minnows gets passed onto the pike that eat them. If this is the case (edit this and remove if wrong), the answer you is looking for is:Not all of the energy is passed on from the minnows to the pike that eat them as the minnows have to use most of their energy, around 90-95%, just living and finding food. This is the same further the down in the food chain. So this way, the trout eating the minnows do not get all the energy.

What is the relationship between minnows and a pond?

Minnows are small fish, and they live in ponds. So ponds are the habitats of minnows.

Is eating kleenex dangerous?


Are minnows saltwater fish?

European Minnows are freshwater fish.

Why is the black swallower not dangerous to humans?

Dangerous* lol..?

Do sharks eat minnows?

no, sharks do not eat minnows. dolphins do, though.

Are sharks related to minnows?

No. Minnows are bony fish, and sharks are Elasmobranchs.

Do minnows turn into frogs?

From what I've learned, minnows do NOT turn into frogs.

Do goldfish and minnows do okay together?

Only if they are white cloud minnows.

Is there anything dangerous about a horse eating bread?

no their is not no their is not

Is drinking milk after eating fish dangerous?


Can you put minnows and goldfish in same tank?

You can do as you please but if the goldfish are large enough and the minnows small enough, the minnows just may be eaten.

How dangerous is a slater eating spider?

It can be dangerous if given the chance to bite. It causes itchiness

What is the most dangerous eating habit?

A fast food diet, or not eating at all (anorexia).

What other type of fish can live with minnows?

koa fish can live with minnows

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