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Organic food does not permit the use of synthetic pesticides. It does not allow genetically modified organisms (gmo) sometimes referred to as genetically modified food. Further, organic food is not permitted to use irradiation. All of these techniques have been linked to long time development of cancer and other diseases in human and animals. When you eat organic food, you stay away from all of these chemicals.

The methods use to grow and handle organic food ensure minimal environmental effect. These growing methods help to maintain nutrient rich soil for plants, which produce healthy plants.

Healthy plants are rich in nutrients. So, one could argue that organic food is better for us. However, both the US and Canadian governments maintain on their websites that organic food is no more nutritious than non-organic.

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Q: Is eating organic food better for you?
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How is orgnatic food good for you?

Organic food usually is grown with no known chemicals or additives that usually go into other non-organic foods. Most people who live eating organic food swear that they are in better health and in better shape because of eating organic foods. So, the general consensus is yes that organic food is good for you.

Can you die from eating organic food?

eating organic food is healthy for you because it does not have poisenus pestecides d

How can organic food help you live a better lifestyle?

Eating organic food makes you live a better life style because you feel really good inside and in a good mood because there natural with no pestisides.

How does organic food affect us?

Organic food is better for us because it contains no pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and such. It's also not refined. Eating organic helps to keep our body in the best possible condition.

Can you get diseases by eating organic food?

Yes, just like non-organic food, if organic food becomes contaminated you can get a disease from it.

Why is organic food better than non-organic?

Organic food is better than non-organic because it contains more nutrients.

How can restaurants and general public benefit from eating and serving organic food?

The food will taste better and have no chemicals or pesticides added, plus, you know where the food came from!

Is organic food good for you?

Yes it is. Organic food is much better for your body then non-organic.

Organic food is better for you because it is not produced with synthetic materials.?

Organic food is better for you because it is not produced with synthetic materials.

Does organic food taste better than non-organic food?

There are many opposing viewpoints on this.

Which is better healthy food or organic food?

Healthy food is organic food!!! So neither one is really better, since they are technically the same. 100% organic food does not contain synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, additives, preservatives, or GMOs,

Is organic milk really better?

Whatever Organic is better than normal because organic food are free of chemicals and pesicides.

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