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Q: Is eating steak or chicken cartilage bad for you?
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Is eating cartilage from chicken bad for you?

Only if you die from it

Is eating chicken cartilage bad for dogs?

Chicken cartilage can be eaten by larger dogs. Small dogs may get the chicken cartilage stuck in their throats and choked.

Is eating cartilage bad for you?

Not bad really, but it has no real food value and some people can have difficulty digesting it.

Is eating beef cartilage bad for your health?

Cartilage is very tough and has no nutritional value. It isnt bad for you per se. You need to cook meat with lots of cartilage in it slowly for a long time to melt it then it's digestable.

Why is eating raw chicken bad for you?

you can get salmonella and then that will poison u

How soon do bad chicken symptoms occur after eating?

24 hrs

Is eating chicken liver bad for you?

Chicken liver is not enjoyed by many people, but it is not bad for you either. It is actually a very high source of vitamins and minerals.

Why is it bad to eat chicken nuggets?

Eating too much chicken nuggets can cause obesity and weight gain.

Is steak bad for dogs?

No, they will LOVE steak.

Is eating too much chicken bad?

It could be boring, but not bad. And you should watch out for too much fried chickern. We have lots of opportunities for eating fried chicken. Fried foods can be bad if we eat a lot. Stick with chicken dishes that use skinless chicken that is cooked in little fat. Try different dishes like chicken soup or grilled chicken. Try to eat a balanced diet. But if you like chicken go easy on the fried versions.

Is it bad for you to eat med rare steak?

No, it is not bad for you to eat a medium rare steak.

Why is it bad to eat chicken wings?

There is no specific reason why it is bad to eat chicken wings. Eating too much of any one thing can lead to poor health, but I've never heard of anything specific about chicken wings being bad.

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