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no. they are best friends. NO they act as them

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Q: Is edge the real brother of Christian?
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Wwe Christian and edge real brother?

no but the are good freinds

Did Edge in wrestling have a brother?

Yes he did his brother Christian

Is Christian and Edge brother's?


Are edge and christan real brothers?

Christian and Edge are not blood relatives. Christian (real name William Reso) and Edge (real name Adam Copeland) met in their youth and have been best friends ever since.

Are Christian and Edge brothers in real life?

No, they are not brothers. They are friends.

Is Christian edge's brother?

no they are just best friends no they are just best friends

What is Christian Cages real name?

William Jason "Jay" Reso. NO him and edge are not real brothers

What is the WWE Storyline?

It is like Edge and Christian they are brothers in WWE but in real life no

How old is edge and Christian?

How Old is Edge and Christian

Is Christian Beadles justin biebers real brother?

No, they are just friends.

Who is older Christian or edge?

edge is older than christian. Christian was born in November 1973 whereas Edge was born in October 1973

Who is better Christian or edge?

they are about even but i would have to say edge because edge has had alot more world titles than christian and beat christian in 2001 for the intercontinental title

Why did WWE christian and edge break up?

They broke up because Christian was jealous of Edge, who won the Intercontinental Championship and the King of the Ring. Christian snapped and attacked Edge after a match.

Who was in wwes brood first the hardy boyz or edge and christian?

Edge, Christian and Gangrel were the original brood.

Does Christian have a brother?

No. Christian Mora does not have a brother as far as anyone knows.

How many tag team titles did edge win?

He has won a total of 14 wwe tag team championships (most of them with his "brother" Christian

Who is older edge or christian?

Edge is older by 1 month. Edge was born October 30, 1973 and Christian was born November 30, 1973. Both are 37, but Edge is older by a month.

What is the name of the kid who plays Aria's brother on Pretty Little Liars in real life?

Cody Christian

Does Christian mora have a brother?

No. Christian Mora does not have a brother as far as anyone knows.

How old wad christian beadles' brother when he died?

Christian Beadles DOES NOT Have A Brother.

Is christian brothers with edge?


Are christian an edge brothers?


What is edge Juniors real name?

Edge's real name is Adam Copeland. (Who on Earth is Edge Junior?) WooWooWoo

What was the tag team name for Edge and Christian in the WWE?

They didn't really have a tag team name, they were just simply known as ''Edge & Christian'' as a tag team. Sometimes they did call theirselves the ''E&C Connection'' which stood for the ''Edge & Christian Connection'', but that wasn't really set in stone as their team name, they were just ''Edge & Christian''.

Does christian beadles have a brother?

Yes Christian and Caitlin did have a brother but he died when they were young :( his name was Logan

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