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No egg whites are the protective layer around the egg yolk. It is there to protect the egg yolk and keep it from bouncing around in the Shell. It is also what the baby chick feeds off of while it is growing seeing as its not attached to an umbilical cord.

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Is the egg white made out of sperm?

No it isn't. Eggs sold as food in grocery stores or supermarkets are not fertilized, they have received no sperm. The egg is produced entirely by the hen, with no contribution from the rooster. Even if the egg has been fertilized, the sperm is microscopic, and it only contributes to the genetics of the resulting embryo, not to the egg white.

Is the white part of the egg the sperm?

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What is the purpose of the tiny white dot in an egg?

That's the rooster sperm.

Is the white wormy thing inside of the chicken egg rooster sperm?


Which part of the sperm enters the egg?

The biggest part of the sperm enters the egg first. The whole sperm eventually is in the egg.

Is egg white vaginal discharge a sign of ovulation?

Yes, EWCM (Egg white cervical mucus) is a sign of ovulation, and it is the best medium for sperm to live and swim in.

Where does a fertilized egg and sperm implant?

The egg implants, the sperm doesn't. Once the egg and sperm come together and form a fertilized egg, this egg implants in the lining of the uterus.

What is the physical property of an egg?

Are you taking about the sperm & egg or the edible egg? The one that you eat would be white or brown, round, oval, hard shell, smooth.

Where does the sperm fertilize the egg?

The sperm fertilizes the egg in the fallopian tube.

What is known as Sperm and egg?

Sperm and egg are known as Sex Cells.

What is joined by the process of fertilization?

sperm and egg. the sperm FERTILIZES the egg.

The union of the sperm and egg?

Fertilization is the term for the union of the sperm and egg.

What does a sperm and egg create?

When a sperm fertilizes an egg, a zygote is formed.

What fertilizes the egg?

The sperm fertilises the egg. The sperm is released by the man during sex. It only takes one sperm to fertilise the egg.

What happens after the egg and sperm meet?

when the egg and sperm meet the egg is then fertilized with the sperm and 9 months later eventually a pregnancy will occur.

Why is an egg larger than a sperm cell?

The size of egg is larger than sperm because the the sperm enters inside the egg and egg has to accommodate the sperm. And egg contains fats and nutrients in order to feed zygote in case of pregnancy.

How does the sperm get in to the egg?

To get to the egg the sperm has to first go through sexual intercourse and then the sperm travels in a liquid till it reaches the fallopian tube where the egg is to get into the egg the sperm uses its tail. (only a brief way)

Why does sperm gets hard in hot water?

It is basically protein and cooks. Like the white of an egg.

Could it be pregnant if the sperm is put into the?

Yes, if the sperm is in the egg, the egg is fertilized.

What is a term for the joining of an egg and a sperm?

The term for the joining of an egg and a sperm is fertilization.

What are the functions of a sperm and egg cell?

The sperm swims up the vagina to the egg

Process of uniting an egg with a sperm?

When a sperm enters an egg cell, it fertilizes it.

In sexual reproduction the joining of a sperm and egg?

No. Fertilization is the joining of an egg and sperm.

What is bigger the egg or sperm cell?

the egg is larger than the sperm cell

Can human sperm fertilize without egg?

No - you need a sperm AND an egg to get pregnant !