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Q: Is electrical energy same around the country?
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What is a measurment of electrical energy?

Electrical energy is measured in the same units as any other type of energy: joules.

Is electric energy the same thing as electrical energy?


What is a measure of electrical energy called?

Electrical energy is measured in the same units as any other type of energy: joules.

Electrical energy from nuclear power plants is?

Exactly the same as electrical energy from other types of power stations

What happens to the electrical energy when it passes through a household device such as a blender or a toaster?

The electrical energy remains the same

What is the same between mechanical energy and electrical energy?

The same thing between mechanical energy, and electrical energy, is that both types of energies, have energy particles flowing through conducters, from the energy source, out to the place where the energy is likely needed.

What are similar to motors except they convert mechanical energy to electrical energy?

That's a generator. In a way, it is the opposite of an electrical motor (which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy), but it has many of the same components.

How do you convert thermal energy into electrical energy and are electrical energy and mechanical energy the same thing?

I don't know how to convert it, but I'll answer the second question.Mechanical energy is made from say...a Bike, the energy that makes it move and pulls it forward is considered mechanical energy. Electrical energy is made from a lightbulb, or anything that is electrical. So to answer that question..No, mechanical energy is not the same as electrical energy.Answer:Electrical Energy is consumed by, it is not made from a lightbulb or anything that is electrical... Steam (thermal energy) drives a turbine which drives a generator (mechanical energy) which produces electrical energy.No they are not the same thing aside from both being forms of energy.Electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy such as plugging in your blender or vacuum cleaner and mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy as mentioned in the example of the generator above.

Any device that converts electrical energy to another form of energy?

Water heater converts electrical energy into heat energy Fan converts the same into mechanical Speaker converts electrical energy into sound using a magnetic field. A charger changes electrical energy into chemical energy A bulb filament changes electrical energy into light energy

What are the conversions of electrical energy give 5 examples?

-- An LED converts electrical energy to light energy. -- A coffee percolator converts electrical energy to heat energy. -- An old-fashioned light bulb converts electrical energy to light energy and heat energy, both at the same time. -- A loudspeaker or ear-bud converts electrical energy to sound energy. -- An electric motor converts electrical energy to kinetic energy. -- A radio transmitter converts electrical energy to low-frequency electromagnetic energy. -- A battery sitting in its charger converts electrical energy to chemical energy.

What is the unit of electrical potential energy?

The same as for any type of energy. The SI unit for energy is the joule.

In most forms of generation of electrical energy in power plants the last two steps are the same. What are they?


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