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it is non-renewable, once it is used it can never be used again

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Is electromagnetic energy renewable or nonrenewable?

No form of energy is renewable. Once the energy has been used it has gone for good. It is the source and how the energy is produced that may be renewable or not.

Is Radiant Energy Renewable or nonrenewable?

radiant energy is renewable

Is hydroelectric energy renewable or nonrenewable?


Is wood energy renewable or nonrenewable?


Is gravitational energy renewable or nonrenewable?

it is renewable

Is geothermal energy renewable or nonrenewable why?


Is elastic energy renewable or nonrenewable?


Is wind energy nonrenewable?

it is renewable hhh

Which sources of energy are nonrenewable and which are renewable?

nonrenewable=coal,gas,mineral energy.renewable=water,light of sun

Is geothermal energy renewable nonrenewable or inexhaustible?


Is water energy renewable and nonrenewable or inexhaustible?


Is nuclear a renewable or nonrenewable energy?

Non renewable.

Is radiant energy a renewable or nonrenewable energy source?

If you mean solar energy then it is renewable

Is electrical energy nonrenewable renewable or inexhaustible?

inexhaustible and renewable

Is alcohol renewable or nonrenewable?

it can by us......but mainly its energy is renewable

Is wave energy a nonrenewable or a renewable source?

Renewable of course.

How are renewable and nonrenewable resources alike?

Renewable and nonrenewable both give off energy needed for the planet.

What does renewable energy and nonrenewable energy have in common?

both energy

Are solar panels renewable or nonrenewable?

Solar energy is renewable. Solar panels aren't resources; therefore they can't be renewable or nonrenewable.

If an energy source is nonrenewable?

some energy sources are non renewable but some are renewable

Is radiant energy renewable or nonrenewable or inexhaustible?

Energy from the sun is classified as renewable, inexhaustible....

Why is nonrenewable energy better than renewable energy?

Nonrenewable energy is NOT better - it is worse because once we use it up, it's gone. Nonrenewable energy also causes more pollution than renewable energy because nonrenewable energy is from things like coal and oil.

Is vegetation a renewable or nonrenewable resource?

Vegetation is a renewable source of energy

Is geothermal a renewable or nonrenewable?

geothermal energy is a renewable energy source: similar to wind, solar, etc.

What way does renewable energy differ from nonrenewable energy?