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By definition adultery is engaging in sexual intercourse with someone other then the spouse. So, technically no but it is dishonest to be doing this behind your spouses back. They should be the one that you are having this "e-fair" with. It shows no respect or compassion for the spouse and it could lead to something else.

Your not actually engaging in sex but it is deceptive to your spouse/partner. Fantasy is a natural think but that happens either alone in your mind or with your significant other. Maybe you can ask your partner to do things that you talk to with the person over the net.


If your lover has no clue you are doing this than it is very dishonest. No, you are not actually having "sex" but you are emotionally connecting to someone, "turning on" another human being. If you think your significant other would disapprove of your behavior than its wrong. If you love that sort of excitement, talk it over with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse... maybe you can involve them. You just might have found a way to spark your relationship again. If the tables were turned, would you be jealous? Would it hurt you a little? Would you feel left out?

If my fiance did this sort of thing behind my back I would be hurt... but that's just me.

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Is same-sex sexual activity considered to be adultery in all 50 states?

No, in fact there's NO state where same-sex sexual activity is considered to be adultery. Adultery is cheating on a spouse.

What are Christian views on sex before marriage?

It is a abomination to God and those who do it commit adultery. It is one of the ten commandments You shall not commit adultery. Exodus 20:14 Actually, sex before marriage is known as fornication, not adultery. Adultery is when someone who is married has sex with someone who is not their spouse.

Is adultery a crime in Louisiana?

No adultery is not illegal in Louisiana. Adultery is not illegal in most states but it is considered immoral.

What does adultery mean?

Adultery is a married man or woman who sleep or have sex with another person who is not his or her spouse.

Can your spouse accuse you of adultery when separated?

Yes. Your spouse can accuse you of adultery when you are separated. When you are separated you are still married and extra-marital sex is adultery.

What does adultery mean in the Ten Commandments?

A:In the context of early Judaism, adultery had a rather different and narrower meaning to the term today. It meant sexual relations with another Jew's wife. A man could have sex with a single girl without committing adultery, or even take a second wife. There was also no prohibition against sex with a married woman outside of Judaism. Today, the term 'adultery' applies equally when a married man or a married woman has sex with someone who is not his or her spouse, and the seventh Commandment is considered to apply.

What is the difference between adultery and polygamy?

Adultery is extramarital sex. Polygamy is marriage to more than one woman.

Is it considered adultery if my spouse and I have lived apart for over a year?

I assume you are speaking of extramarital sex. Adultery occurs when a married person has sexual relations with a person who is not their spouse. You are married until you obtain a divorce.I assume you are speaking of extramarital sex. Adultery occurs when a married person has sexual relations with a person who is not their spouse. You are married until you obtain a divorce.I assume you are speaking of extramarital sex. Adultery occurs when a married person has sexual relations with a person who is not their spouse. You are married until you obtain a divorce.I assume you are speaking of extramarital sex. Adultery occurs when a married person has sexual relations with a person who is not their spouse. You are married until you obtain a divorce.

If you snog someone other than your husband is this adultery or would you of had to sleep with them for it to be considered adultery?

this behavior would definitely be considered cheating on your husband.

Is adultery a felony in Michigan?

Yes, in the state of Michigan the act of adultery is considered to be a felony. Adultery is not a felony in all fifty states however.

Is a kiss considered adultery in the military?

Not "adultery", but from what is known, it is forbidden while on duty and/or in public on military installations.

Is talking to someone online considered adultery?

Most rational people wouldn't consider it adultery. Depending on what you talk with them about, it could be considered a kind of betrayal, though.

Adultery and the Torah?

According to the Torah, adultery is specifically when a married Jewish woman has sex with a Jewish man other than her husband.

Is cybersex cheating?

Yes. Emotional adultery precedes physical sex.

Which sex has more to lose from adultery?

Both have just as much to lose.

Is homosexuality with a person outside the marriage considered as adultery?

Yes. Sexuality of any kind outside your marriage is adultery.

What defines adultery in Texas?

Adultery is adultery, I don't think there's some kind of law when it comes to committing adultery. Adultery is sleeping with another person who is not your husband or wife. Adultery always includes at least one married person. Sex between unmarried consenting adults is fornication. Cheating on a person you are dating is just cheating, NOT adultery . Adultery is not a criminal offense, but is grounds for the Civil action of Divorce.

Is cheating on a boyfriend or girlfriend considered adultery?

No. Adultery is only relevant when one of the people involved is already married; being boyfriend-girlfriend or de facto is not considered enough.

Discuss the meaning of Adultery John?

Adultery: Having sex with a other than the person that you are married to at the time. Also refered to as being "Unfaithfull" or "Cheating"

What is adultery in the state of Oklahoma?

Adultery in the state of Oklahoma is unlawful sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex while you are married. This is grounds for divorce in Oklahoma.

What is the difference between adultery and fornication?

Adultery is when you have sex with someone other than your spouse & fornication is illicit sexual intercourse between 2 people not married to each other, basically sex when neither party is married.

What was the punishment for men who committed adultery in the Jewish culture in the days of King David?

A:First we have to define adultery as understood by the early Hebrew people. It was only considered adultery to have sex with a) the wife of another Hebrew man, or b) the virgin fiancee of a Hebrew man. Thus, it was not adultery for a man to have sex with a single woman, a non-virgin fiancee, a widow or a prostitute. We do not know what laws might have applied at the time attributed to King David, but the biblical evidence is that throughout most of the monarchical period, both the man and the woman would be put to death for committing adultery. A wife was always considered guilty if the offence was committed within an urban environment, since she could have called out, but if the man forced himself on her in the fields, she would not be punished.

Is adultry wrong?

Although adultery may be viewed differently by different cultures, it is generally judged to be wrong. Adultery is extra-marital sex. Adultery is illegal in many countries and is considered a serious offense in most cultures. The consequences are serious ranging from an unplanned pregnancy that affects more than the parties to the adultery, and possible health consequences for their partners. A spouse has the right to expect sexual fidelity within a legal marriage. In the Western world adultery provides grounds for divorce and can be considered in divorce settlements. It can affect the legal status of children. In the Middle East the legal consequences are especially severe, especially for women.

Was adultery common in the time of King David?

A:Around the time the Bible was being written, in the middle of the first millennium BCE, it was considered adultery for a man to have sex with another Israelite's wife, but not if he did so with a single woman, widow, prostitute or foreigner's wife. Polygamy was also permissible, although not common. So, adultery as narrowly defined was probably not very common. Whether adultery was so narrowly defined at the beginning of the tenth century BCE is unknowable.

Is wrestling considered adultery?

It doesn't count if no one is inside of anyone

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