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It is not a relevant comparison to compare artists of two different genres. Linkin Park has a huge variety of music, which encompasses such styles like throat shredding vocals like in the song "Given Up," to calm ballads ("My December" and "Little Things Give You Away"), to hard rock ("Numb" and "Crawling") and to hip-hop songs like "Bleed it Out" and "Faint." The band is at its best though when it combines those styles. On the other side of the argument, Eminem is a very gifted rapper who has done what only others can dream of. His style of rapping is more of a 'get at me and suck it' sort of deal. He is gifted in telling stories in his raps and displaying emotion filled lines while also coming up with catchy disses towards other people. He can be serious ("When I'm Gone") and absolutely historical ("Just Lose it"). Em's ability to just talk about life sets him aside from other rappers. Both bands came from high-school educations, had to work many years and remold their styles to be successful, and both have surpassed that. From a societal point of view Linkin Park would probably appeal more to the masses with its incredibly wide variety of music, but a lot of people would have Em as a guilty pleasure because he scares some people off with his vulgar lyrics. Linkin Park's ability to create the huge variety that they have probably is what puts them out just slightly over Eminem, because Eminem is purely rapping without variety of genre except for one song, "Hailie's song" in which he sings a little bit. This is a very hard question to answer because they are my two favorite artists, but I think my final answer is Linkin Park.

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Who is more popular Eminem or Linkin Park?

Eminem is a more widely known figure in all of music than Linkin Park.

Is there a band better than linkin park?

There is absolutely no band better than Linkin Park

Which is better Linkin Park or greenday?

I think Green day is slightly better than linkin park in music.

Is linkin park better then a7x?

Well, it depends on your opinion. If you like metal music then A7x is better than Linkin Park. If you like somewhat slow rock then Linkin Park is right for you.

Who is better Nickelback or Linkin Park?

Nickelback is way better than linkin park. Why if you are a rap and hip hop fan you will enjoy linkin Park. If you like rock and metal you will enjoy nickelback. Linkin Park is a hip hop band. Nickelback is a rock band.

Is Three Days Grace better than Linkin Park?

That is one's own form of opinion, but Three Days Grace is more popular than Linkin Park.

Is the band kiss older than Linkin Park?

I'll have to guess that The Band Kiss is older than Linkin Park.

Who is sold more albums linkin park or green day?

Linkin Park Have Because They ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yeah u my person now linkin park is HELLA BETTER THAN GREEN DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ALSO LAST MONTH LINKIN PARK WAS THE BEST ARTIST OF THE MONTH I KNOW RIGHT AWESOMENESS

Is Big Time Rush better than Linkin Park?

In my opinion, no! it might help to know that i am emo and listen to their music all the time but still, i think linkin park is amazing!

Which band is better the who or Linkin Park?

Both bands are really good, but I would say Linkin Park because they are newer and have more of a style that is wanted these days. The bands are great but the who is way better than any other band. No band could ever come close to the who. I like linkin park better but the who is fantastic. they sold like 5 trillion albums and they are trillionaires.

What is a Linkin Park album with more than 15 songs?

No album of linkin park has more than 15 songs. A thousand Suns has 15 songs.

Is Eminem better then lilwayne?

Lil' Wayne is better than Eminem.

Is Eminem better than Mike Shinoda?

Yes, Eminem is better than Mike Shinoda.

Who does lead vocals in Linkin Park?

Chester Bennington is the lead vocalist of Linkin Park. He has been with the band for more than 15 years.

Michael Jackson vs Linkin Park?

How can you even think of putting them in same line MJ is the king and he was way better dancer too Linkin park dont dance Further more MJ sold around 1000 million cds While linkin park is far away from this sales record MJ HAS MORE THAN A BILLION FANS No offence to linkin park they are also good Especially Mike Shinoda

When was Linkin Park birth?

I don't know ask them ;) Yeah, good answer but Linkin Park was born in 1996. This should help rather than asking them.

Will Chester Benington leave Linkin Park?

Chester Bennington has now been with Linkin Park for more than 15 years. He does have some side projects like Stone Temple Pilots, but there seem to be no hint of him leaving Linkin Park.

Is Eminem better than tyga?

eminem is a reincarnated god

Is breaking Benjamin better than Linkin Park?

forget it linkin a way gr8 then Benjamin also ben has not popular songs but linking has hell yeah LP forever bb ain't a match

Who sold more records Bob Dylan or Linkin Park?

Bob Dylan's been around much longer than Linkin Park, so he's sold more records than they have.

Is Tupac better than Eminem?

NO eminem is better. nuff said, he's beast xD

Whose better lil Wayne or eminem?

eminem is by far better than lil Wayne

Who is a better rappper Eminem or 2 Pac?

2 Pac is a better rapper than Eminem

Who is more popular ACDC or Linkin Park?

ACDC have been around longer and more well established than Linkin Park, so ACDC is more popular.

Who sold more albums Linkin Park or Carrie Underwood?

Linkin Park has released 5 studio albums, which is one more than how many Carrie Underwood has released

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