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In Football the standard is incredibly high with it being the worlds biggest sport.. so talent required to make it is huge... in EPL literally hundreds at each teams academy don't make the level ever year. Do some homework on the matter and if you have any concerns talk to those in charge.

AnswerGreat rewards in Football in that a career average is 12-15 years and also can transfer from one league to another... such as EPL to La Liga. Also wages in Football are shooting through the roof with even further rapid increase in TV coverage and influx of multi billionaire owners as seen in EPL with Manchester City being owned by worlds richest family.

....contrast this with Gridiron where players career average in nfl is 3.5 years as draft pushes out hundreds every year.. and they have no where else to play and earn as every Gridiron league outside America has folded such as nfl Europe

AnswerNo, it wouldn't be a very stable job. There are issues like injuries and bans that may be uncontrollable. If you sustain a damaging injury, it's likely that your career in soccer will be very short lived. Like all sporting careers, a job as a professional football player is relatively short comparing and though the pay is good, you'd have to be extremely talented to be in the top...say 15 football players in the country?

If the choice of a professional football player is open to you and there are so many leagues in the world to play in while the EPL is the best, a back up career is recommended.

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Q: Is employment as a professional Football player stable and what is the future outlook for this type of career?
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