Is energy formed when light energy hits matter?

Here is as close as you can come to a sacred rule in science: Energy is Neither Created Nor Destroyed. At most, it can be converted from one form to another.

When light energy (let's say sunshine), which is made of photons, falls on matter (let's say a brick), the matter is heated and it reemits this heat, also in the form of photons, but of longer wavelength that those of the light. If we pile on the heat, as by putting the brick in a kiln, eventually it would begin to glow with light energy, which is to say with photons of shorter wavelength.

As we all know, E=MC2, or Matter is really just a REALLY concentrated form of Energy, which is actually moving even if to our senses it is still and cold. When things are burned or involved in nuclear reactions, the universe loses some matter and gains some energy, but since they're both the same thing, the Rule still holds: neither created nor destroyed.