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Is eucalyptus wood good for outdoor use in beach-salty weather?

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Answered 2009-04-30 15:36:37 is a reliable resource and suggests that it is appropriate for exterior use in general but there is no mention of salty conditions.

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Where can I buy eucalyptus outdoor furniture?

Nextag and amazon have a good variety of eucalyptus outdoor furniture. All are a pretty affordable price and all of them have some really good designs as well.

Is eucalyptus a good material to use when building outdoor furniture?

To many people, wood is the good material to use on building a furniture. To some who makes some furniture they consider as a great choice is eucalyptus because its a strong and durable wood, its a renewable resource. To give you more ideas about eucalyptus as their choice of good building materials you may visit their site in this

Are party canopies a good idea for outdoor weddings?

Party canopies are a very good idea for outdoor weddings. They will help to keep out the sun and can help prevent crises in times of bad weather.

Where in the US should you live for warm weather and good jobs?

In the US you could live in Florida for good jobs. The state also has warm weather and access to many outdoor activities.

What is a good outdoor furniture set?

I think this is a good outdoor furniture set. The materials are weather resistant and the chairs have padded sling seats.

What is the most durable material for outdoor patio dining furniture?

The most durable material for outdoor patio dining furniture is cast aluminum. The material is made for outdoor use, and is good in in-climate weather, ex: no rusting.

What are some good outdoor fitness programs?

Running is the classic outdoor sport for getting in shape when the weather is good outside. However, there are a number of other options. Try rollerblading for low impact, or playing Ultimate Frisbee if you have a group of other people.

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Indoors it's 2 laps because each lap is 200m. However on an outdoor track it's one lap because each lap is 400m. If you compare the times of the indoor and the outdoor times, you will see that the outdoor times are usually better. Sometimes, it's good to compete in the indoor 400 metres because the weather, doesn't affect significantly what your time will be. In the outdoor, hot weather, rainy weather etc, can affect your time.

Are the Nike Pegasus 27 GTX any good for wet weather?

Yes, they are durable and can be worn in wet weather. They are track running shoes, so they can be worn either in an in or an outdoor setting while you are running.

How do you spell eucyliptus?

The word is spelled eucalyptus. A good example sentence using this word is, "Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves."

Is eucalyptus a good firewood?

Yes, it is quite odiferous.

What do you think about outdoor deck pictures?

I think that outdoor deck pictures are a great way to decorate your outdoor deck. You would have to be sure that you choose something that can withstand the weather elements. Cloth is usually a good choice, but if your area is protected, you could even choose a canvas picture for your deck.

When buying outdoor decor,are there weather resistance decors?

Wicker and canvas furniture is a very stylish choice for weather resistance while still being attractive. As opposed to conventional plastic outdoor furniture, wicker and canvas provides a nice ambiance to your outdoor seating area. Wrought iron is another great option for weather resistance and style. It will last for years and has classic good looks. In terms of price it will run quite a bit more expensive than traditional outdoor furniture, but if properly maintained, you'll never need to replace it.

Is eucalyptus a good wood to burn in the fireplace?

Yes, eucalyptus burns hot and slow, so it's good for fireplaces and wood stoves. e. Eucalyptus is slow to catch, though, so it's not a good starter wood. But if you put it on a started fire, it'll burn for a long time.

What do you think about an outdoor coffee table?

An outdoor coffee table is good for your yard. It is a good idea to put an outdoor coffee table. Drinking coffee with your coffee table is a good leisure.

Where would you find a weather vane?

Walmart sells weather vanes on some instances. Home stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot, and outdoor stores can carry a wide selection of weather vanes. You can also find good cheap ones online at ebay.

Need an outdoor fitness routine?

Running is the classic outdoor sport for getting in shape when the weather is good outside. However, there are a number of other options. Try rollerblading for low impact, or playing Ultimate Frisbee if you have a large group of people.

Can you tell me a good place to do research on indoor and outdoor heaters online is And which heater is the most safest to use indoor and or outdoor?

Outdoor heaters need to be safe with different types of weather, so they would be different than indoor heaters. They are both effective, but never use an indoor heater outdoors.

What are some positives about living in Utah?

Nice people, nice weather, cheaper than most of the coastal states, lots of outdoor activites, good economy.

Is this a good deal on outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture is expensive so $500 is a good deal for a set if its good quality. Wal Mart does have cheap outdoor sets but they're not that great of quality.

Is teak outdoor furniture good looking?

Yes, teak teak outdoor furniture's are good looking. It is a solid and good looking hardwood good to spice up any room or outdoor space. And you can get it for a very cheap price.

What is a good brand of outdoor patio heater?

According to, the best outdoor patio heater is Solaira All-Season Quartz Patio heater. It is a weather-proof 1,200-watt electric heater that hangs on the wall and plugs into an ordinary outlet.

Weather it is good or not?

yes weather is good

is teak a good product for patio furniture?

Teak is very good for outdoor patio furniture. It is very high quality, and durable. It can withstand the weather quite well. However, it is harder to find and more expensive than other types of wood.

Which city in Florida closest to Alabama that has tropical like weather where you can have outdoor plants year round?

Panama City is a good location for this activity. Some of the smaller communities in that region would be good to check into also.