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Is every sample of matter a substance?

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Every sample of matter is not a substance because a matter may include multiple substances. A substance contains only one kind of matter.

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Is every sample of matter substance?


What are characteristics that identify a sample of matter as a substance?

Characteristics that identify a sample of matter as a substance are simply whether it is matter or not. However, which substance the matter is can be identified through its density, melting point, conductivity, etc...

Why does every sample of a given substance have the same properties?

Every sample of a given substance has the same properties because a substance has a fixed, uniform composition.

When is a sample of matter considered a pure substance?

A sample of matter is considered a pure substance when the molecular structure is totally homogeneous. It is a pure substance when this material contain only one type of molecules.

What is a sample of matter that has uniform and definite composition?

A Substance.

What sample of matter having uniform and definite composition is what?

a substance

Is it true that the density of a substance is the same for all samples of the substance?

No, as density also depends on the state of matter in the sample of the substance.

What is a sample of matter that is either a single element or single compound?

a pure substance! ;)

Sample of matter that has the same composition and properties throughout?

Homogeneous substance :D

What is a sample of matter with definite chemical and physical properties?

A pure substance is a sample of matter that has definite physical as well as chemical properties. A pure substance can be either a single compound, or a single element.

What happens to particles as a sample of matter is heated?

The particles, those atoms/molecules of matter in a sample, will increase in kinetic energy as the sample is heated. Their kinetic energy will appear as vibrational energy, and the amount of vibrational energy of the atoms or molecules of a substance is directly proportional to the temperature of that substance.

Why stone is the sample of matter?

matter is a general term for the substance that makes up all observable physical objects.

What is a substance that has a fixed composition and differs from a mixture because every sample has the exact same characteristics and every sample has the exact same composition?

called: Compound.

Does one ml have the same density of 15 liters?

Any sample of the same substance has the same density,no matter how large or small the sample is.

What property like volume depends of the size of the sample?

The volume and the mass of sample both depend on the size of the sample.A small sample has small volume and small mass, a big sample has big volumeand big mass. But the ratio of mass to volume is constant for a pure sample ofa substance, no matter what size the sample is. That ratio is called the densityof the substance.

Properties are properties which hold true for a particular kind of substance no matter what the sample?

chemical properties

Kelly has a sample of an unknown substance. Which properties of the substance will be the same no matter how large or small her sample is?

All intrinsic properties will be the same regardless of sample size. Some examples would be density, color, temperature, chemical reactivity, etc.

A sample of a substance that sublimes?

Carbon dioxides is a sample of a substance that sublimes.

The phase of matter in which a substance has no definite shape or volume?

This is a good working description of the gaseous phase of matter. A sample of gas will assume the shape and volume of its container, so the sample has no shape or volume of its own.

What is the property of a substance no matter whether the sample is large or small?

It is the behaviour exhibited by matter in various chemical, physical or biological reactions or treatments.

Which sample of matter is classified as a solution?

CO2(aq) because a solution means the substance is dissolved in water.

A measure of amount of matter?

Mass is the amount of matter in a sample of a substance. Mass translates directly to how much matter is in something, in other words, how many atoms are crammed into it.

True or false The density of a substance varies with samples of that substance?

I regard this as a trick question, because it is not really true or false, it depends upon the specific substance which we are sampling. A very homogeneous substance, such as for example distilled water, is always going to have the same density in every sample, but a somewhat heterogeneous substance such as concrete, is not going to have exactly the same density with every sample.

Is every sample of a pure substance has exactly the same composition and same properties true?


What is a sample of matter either a single element or a single compound that has a definite chemical and physical properties?

a pure substance. :)