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No, you can remain a green card holder as long as you want. At present there do not seem to be a lot of advantages in becoming a citizen other than being able to vote, but there always remains the possibility that laws could be changed such that green card holders may not be eligible for certain federal assistance programs. For example, you might want to think about what would happen if you lost your job. Would you be eligible for full federal disability programs if you were not a US citizen. If your own country does not require you to give up citizenship when you take up US citizenship, you may find that you could have Dual Citizenship and have nothing to lose by becoming a US citizen. Green card members may not have to pay the 7.5% FICA tax which pays for social security benefits. Therefore, you wouldn't be eligible for the benefits. As a US citizen, you would pay the tax and after accumulating a certain number of points, you become eligible for full retirement benefits and medicare insurance at the age of 65, as well as disability insurance. You employer also pays 7.5% FICA tax. -DJ Craig No one is forced to become a citizen, although citizenship status gives security to the person that a H-1B or H-2B visa does not. A U.S. citizen cannot be deported, however a permanent resident can be. A citizen has all the rights granted under the U.S. Constitution, a "PR" rights can be subjected to definition as outlined by USCIS regulations. A citizen can campaign and hold certain political offices, can own business that a "PR" would not be able to own, and so forth. There are many advantages to being a citizen of the U.S., the right to vote is obviously an important one, but definitely not the only one.

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Q: Is everyone who is a permanent resident alien forced to become a US citizen and what are the advantages of being a US citizen versus staying a green card holder?
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Did you gain permanent resident status through marriage to a US citizen or lawful permanent resident?


Can a permanent resident felon become a citizen if they marry a us citizen?

Answer: no

Can a permanent resident become a citizen if they marry a us citizen?

No, it doesn't make them a citizen if they marry one. I am a German citizen with a permanent resident green card and married a solider. It didn't make me a US citizen like most people would think. A person in this situation still has to wait for 5 years in Permanent Resident status and then apply for citizenship.

Is a permanent resident a citizen?

No. They are not a citizen until they have been properly qualified and sworn in as a US citizen.

Can a permanent resident buy a house?

A permanent residency is a step towards becoming a US citizen. A permanent resident can purchase a home and own property

Is a PR a Singapore Citizen?

No. PR is just permanent resident.PR stands for Permanent Resident, so, no, PR is not a Singapore citizen.

Can a permanent resident help her illegal Brazilian husband become legal in the US?

no, only us citizen can help for permanent resident

If you are a Russian citizen marrying a Canadian citizen how long will it take to be a permanent resident?

Once a person from another nation marries a Canadian citizen, he or she becomes a permanent resident. The process takes approximately 50 days for the paperwork.

Can a US citizen adopt a permanent resident?

Yes you can Yes you can

What is the difference between a UK permanent resident and a UK citizen?

UK permanent resident is a foreigner individual who asked for a british citizenship and got it. United Kingdom citizen is an individual born in UK.

Non permanent resident alien?

A non-permanent resident alien is an individual that holds employment in the United States. They are not a citizen and they do not have a green card.

If your fiance is a permanent resident and you're a US citizen how would the permanent resident get citizenship and how long do they have to wait to apply for citizenship?

3 years of being permenent resident then you can apply

What is something that a US citizen can do but a permanent resident can NOT do?

Vote in a federal election

How many years do it take to become a citizen in the US if you are a immigrant?

It takes five years to become a US citizen after being a permanent resident. It may take longer to become a permanent resident in the first place.

Is a permanent resident who want to study in the us considered as an international student?

No, if you are a permanent resident in the US, you are treated like an American citizen in terms of colleges and universities.

How can an illegal that lives with an US citizen and has two kids become a legal resident?

by legally marrying that us citizen or print a form from the internet requesting to be a permanent resident

Do you have to be a US citizen to get Section 8 housing?

Not necessarily: you can be a permanent resident of this country.

How can an alien become a citizen of the Philippines?

You need to be a permanent resident for 10 years.

One can get immigration benefits if overstay man marry with permanent resident?

A resident cannot ask for someone trying to gain residency, married or not. If the permanent resident becomes a citizen, then yes, they can request residensy for their spouse.

If someone is married to a US citizen can he remain in the US regardless of his own Visa status?

The person needs to have permanent resident status. Marrying a US citizen does not automatically give you citizenship or different visa status. The requirements are having been a legal permanent resident for five years. Or being a legal permanent resident and married to a US citizen for three years. The person can then apply for US citizenship.

How Can a legal permanent resident be awarded citizenship if married to an American citizen?

yes. it can, but not always is.

What is a naturalize citizen of the US?

A permanent resident that has lived here legally for 5 years. 3 years if married to a US. Citizen.

Can a non-citizen join the US army?

Yes, if they are a permanent resident of the US. However, a commissioned officer must be a citizen of the US.

If a foreigner marries a US citizen of the same sex in Vermont can the foreigner obtain US permanent resident status?

Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen may sponsor a foreign, same-sex spouse for permanent resident status.

What is the process of renewing an expired alien resident card if you are a permanent resident married to a US citizen?

Answer: If you have been married for 3 yrs or more than you can choose to renew your permanent resident card or file for citizenship. If you choose to renew your card, its the same process as any other permanent resident would have to go through.