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The word 'evolution' can refer to both established fact, and to the theoretical model explaining observations in terms of what we know about that fact.

Evolution, the fact, refers to the observed phenomenon of the changing of allele frequencies in populations.

Evolution, the theory, refers to the theory that evolution (the fact) is a result of reproductive variation (eg. mutations), and is mediated by differential reproductive success (natural selection) to produce new forms.

Evolution, the theory, is as close to fact as any science can come. Note that the term 'scientific theory' does not have the same meaning as the popular vernacular 'theory'. In everyday use, the word 'theory' may be used to describe a mere hunch or speculation - whereas in science, a theory is a comprehensive, well-supported explanatory model, consisting of multiply verified hypotheses and independently verifiable facts and laws.

Evolutionary theory encompasses the central hypotheses of common descent and natural selection.
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Why is evolution taught as a fact in school?

It is a fact.. When much of the public uses the term "theory" they often mean something that is unproven or an educated guess. We say, "It's just a theory." When scientists use the term "theory" they mean something quite different, and this is what has confused the public about the theory of evolut ( Full Answer )

What are facts about evolution?

Facts about Evolution . Evolution was not entirely devised by Charles Darwin; there were many evolutionists before Darwin, though he was the one who pulled the connections together. . The acceptance of Evolution in school was tested in 1925 with the Scopes trial. A young teacher, John Scopes, ( Full Answer )

Why do people still cling to evolution whenever it cannot be supported by one single fact while every single shred of evidence in the universe points to the hands of the Almighty God?

Answer . God created earth and thus man was made. If you really study evolution then you would know that even today we are all evolving and changing. In another 20 - 30 years we may be bald, blind from too much computer and TV, hearing loss from too much noise and other senses may kick in to prov ( Full Answer )

If evolution is not a sound scientific fact why do so many people believe in it?

Evolution has always been a hotly debated topic within society. It is widely accepted as the origin of all life, including humans. It is supported by a broad array of scientific disciplines. Every theory is incomplete because in science, any theory can be potentially shown to be false,but some have ( Full Answer )

How come evolution has no real facts?

Answer . The theory of the origin of species via evolution, as originally proposed by Charles Darwin, does not have as many facts in its support as some would like, because it addresses events that happened many years ago. However, many facts do support this theory. It is controversial mainly bec ( Full Answer )

What are facts?

A fact is a true statement. It is something people can prove. Example: The Sun rises in the east. The human beings are in the plant kingdom is not a fact.

What is evolution?

A short summary, before going into the subject in a little more depth: The word 'evolution', in the context of biology, can mean one of two things: 1. The observed biological phenomenon of evolution, meaning changes in the frequencies of inherited traits in population gene pools between genera ( Full Answer )

What are facts that can prove evolution is not real?

Dr. A.J.E. Cave gave a paper at the International Congress ofZoology in 1958 in which he concluded that a skeleton found inFrance was not an Neanderthal but was of an elderly human whosuffered from arthritis. The implication is that Neanderthals neverexisted. World population growth rate in recent ( Full Answer )

Why do many people take evolution as fact if even Darwin confessed it could never truly work and there has to be a greater being who created this beautiful and unique planet?

Other answers from our community: Evolution as a fact Theattempts of the author of the question to "steer" the reader into a"creationist state of mind" are obvious, and since the "guidancetoward creationism" was included, discussion will address thequestion and will touch on creationist ideas. The r ( Full Answer )

What is the Evolution?

Evolution is a scientific concept put forward by Charles Darwin that all the species of animale have originated from a common ancestor and changed over time to the present situation. Evolution is the changing of a specie to a new form with cross breeding and mutations.. There are different theo ( Full Answer )

Why is evolution based in fact?

Evolution isn't fact.. Scientific view point:. Evolution is based in fact because evolution has happened throughout the history of all life on earth, and is still going on today. The theory of evolution is based on the science done and evidence collected in paleontology and biology to create a wor ( Full Answer )

What are the facts about natural selection and evolution?

natural selection is a mechanism of evolution. Charles Darwin proved that and wrote a book called " Origin of species" evolution istheprocess by which species come to possess genetic adaptations to the environment

Is evolution a theory and not fact?

Evolution is a theory. But in its current form of modernevolutionary synthesis (or just evolutionary synthesis), it isfact. We know that the earth has been here a long time, and we knowalso that life has been here for billions of years. Over that time,life changed as the planet changed, or that life ( Full Answer )

Is Evolution a proven fact?

Science does not prove things, but even if there were no scientists, or even humans on earth, evolution, the change in allele frequency in a population of organisms over time, would still be a fact of nature.

Is evolution a fact or theory?

Rather both. Evolution, the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms, is an observed and observable fact. The theory of evolution by natural selection explains this fact with overwhelming evidences from many different disciplines.

What supports the fact that evolution continues today?

There is no reason to think the same forces that shaped species in ages past are not still at operation. These forces are genetic drift and natural selection. And we find them still in operation, gradually modifying the phenotype of species. US sparrows, descended from European sparrows, have accumu ( Full Answer )

How do you know evolution is a fact?

Technically speaking, evolution isn't a fact; a fact is an "observable and verifiable observation", in contrast to a theory or hypothesis which explains a group of such facts. In contrast, evolution happening can be considered a fact by this defintion Also, as defined in common usage it can be con ( Full Answer )

What is an evolution?

Evolution is the process of something. Look at the Chevy Corvette poster to see an example.

Why is evolution not an observed fact?

A: Evolution of species is the process by which each species developed from earlier species. Some people believe that, because it requires a great many generations and noticeable changes normally take place over periods far longer than the human lifetime, evolution can not be observed directly and ( Full Answer )

What does evolution do?

Evolution is the non random survival of randomly varying replicators. It also describes the idea (theory) that existing animals and plants developed by a process of gradual, continuous change from previously existing forms (also known as descent with modification). Contrary to some popular belief ( Full Answer )

Why do you talk about evolution as a theory not a fact?

In common usage, "theories" are problematic. If I say that "in theory" something is so, you immediately know that I'm not all that sure. There is question. Scientists use the word in an entirely different context. A scientific theory is an attempt to describe, as accurately as possible, a body ( Full Answer )

What are facts about The Who?

formed in 1964 . a crowd crush killed 11 fans at one of their concerts . first studio album was My Generation . lead singer is Roger Daltrey

Is evolution fact or opinion?

Any subject that does not have a solid factual foundation that has highly researched and speculated theories are called hypothesis'.

What are the true facts about evolution?

The single true fact about evolution, and the only real one required, is that it happened. We can see this in the fossil record, see leftovers in genetic material (most easily our own), see it in the homlogous structures of multiple organisms, and notably see it - physically watch it with our own e ( Full Answer )

Select the item that supports the FACT that evolution continues today?

Evolution is a continuous and continuing process. DNA is the driverof evolution/driver of phenotypic change. Since DNA and the genomebrought about the evolutionary change of biological form fromprokaryote to eukaryote, from sarcopterygiian fish to amphibian andfrom australopithecine to hominid, it m ( Full Answer )

What are facts against evolution?

It is not possible to find facts that prove evolution false, but it may be possible to identify some facts that show that we do not yet fully understand the process of evolution. Perhaps the most important fact is that we have not yet uncovered sufficient material to trace the lineage of modern anim ( Full Answer )

What are the facts about evolution?

With regard to 'facts' this is still a very subjective question.That some form of evolution occurs there is no doubt. However,there are still many unanswered questions about the nature of evolution. There are similar problems, for example, overgravity; we know gravity exists but the mechanism by wh ( Full Answer )

Why do people not believe in evolution despite the fact it is well validated?

The Bible teaches that mankind is a direct creation of God. We arenot the product of uncaring, mindless evolution. Rather, we are thechildren of a loving, intelligent Father. Evolution is thereforeincompatible with the Bible. Evolution presents modern man as animproving animal. The Bible presents mo ( Full Answer )

Why do people who thoroughly research evolution believe that it's a fact?

Because it is a fact. . Evolution has been observed to occur in modern species; viruses and bacteria evolve so quickly that new vaccines must be prduced each year, for example. . Evolution has occurred in the past, as evidenced by various fossil records and genetic, anatomic and physiological co ( Full Answer )

What does evolution answer?

The theory of evolution explains how life changes and diversifies. All life has a common ancestry. That is, the three clades of life - the bacteria, the eukaryotes and the archaebacteria- all have a single origin and diversified from there. Evolution makes use of the fossil record along with examin ( Full Answer )

What facts support evolution?

Wow, it's so hard to pick! The evidence for evolution is absolutely overwhelming, but I'll try and summarise some of the main facts: . Classification: Organisms naturally fit into groups, e.g. humans naturally fit into the ape group, apes naturally fit into the primate group, then into the mamma ( Full Answer )

Could anyone give me facts about evolution?

Unsure why this is in the religious section; its a scientific matter. Facts? Firstly evolution IS a fact. Why is it called the theory of evolution? The same reason its called the theory of gravity. Scientific nomenclature, a theory is a set of statements which explain the physical world. A ( Full Answer )

Is evolution theory or a fact?

It is a theory, but that does mean that it isn't well supported by science. Example: Einsteins relativity is still a theory but it is widely regarded as theory because all evidence shows it does not work and there is scientifically reliable evidence against it, just as with evolution.

There appears to be growing evidence of paranormal phenomena and that it does in fact exist so how can this fit in with biology and evolution?

It would be interesting to see this "proof" (correct term: evidence). No scientific investigation - and there have been plenty - has ever turned up any such evidence of paranormal phenomena. If and when it found something which was claimed as such, there was a perfectly rational and overly natural e ( Full Answer )

Evolutionists often make the distinction between evolution as a fact and evolutionary theory What does this mean?

Evolution is descent with modification. Or, change over time. And formally as the change in allele frequencies over time in a population of organisms. This is an observed and a observable fact. The theory is; the theory of evolution by natural selection, which explains the fact of evolution. Natural ( Full Answer )

Why do people not believe in evolution despite the fact it is proven?

A: Evolution is well supported by the evidence, not 'proven'. Prove is a term mathematicians and lawyers use, not scientists. Because their religious ideology blinds them to the fact of evolution and the theory of evolution by natural selection which explains much about the fact of evolution. go ( Full Answer )

Have any theories of evolution actually ever been conclusively proven as fact beyond any reasonable doubt?

Scientists do not prove things but the theory of evolution by natural selection has over 150 years of evidence supporting it and is considered a very certain theory and quite beyond reasonable doubt. As well accepted as the theory of gravity, atomic theory and the heliocentric theory. I suggest you ( Full Answer )

Why is evolution theory not fact?

Evolution is both theory and fact. Moreover, the fundamental theses of the theory (common descent, natural selection) are so well supported by fact that they might as well be called fact.

What is evolution fact and theory?

It is a theory only, Facts are provable and repeatable. Evolution is nether provable nor repeatable. It is not a very good theory either, since it makes claims that go against proven laws of nature, such as the law of entropy which states that things go from order to disorder and not the reverse fr ( Full Answer )

What are three reasons that support the fact that evolution is a valid process?

In order to answer the questions that were posed to my answers on this question, I will be adding my answers after each part of the answer. Fossil records give a lot of evidence to support evolution. (what evidence?) 1. the fossil records from our genetic ancestors, such as the skeleton known ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Charles Darwin theory of evolution?

Fact #1: Darwin's theory of evolution proposes that populations of organisms originating from a shared common ancestor diverge, producing new species. Fact #2: Darwin's theory of evolution proposes that the most important mechanisms driving the divergence of populations are reproductive variation ( Full Answer )

What is evolution-?

Evolution refers to something that goes through a gradual change.The change is usually for the better.

Is Evolution a proven scientific fact or just another work of fiction over which biblical creation will prevail?

The theory of evolution is just that - a theory it is far from aproven science. For something to be considered 'scientific,' it hasto be measurable and reproducible. Since it is impossible to doeither with evolution, it cannot be called scientific. The science of evolution cannot explain where the m ( Full Answer )