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Is excessive drowsiness a symptom of pregnancy?

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That's how it was for me, and still is. I got the usual PMS symptons... cramps. Then I noticed that I was unable to get out of bed and I would sleep like 12 hours. My breasts got tender but also "fuller". They seemed heavier. I can't think properly anymore and I get really worn out easily. I'm pregnant. So you should get that checked out. Excessive drowsiness is a symptom of pregnancy. However, it can also be caused by stress and anemia, which are both serious if left untreated. Take a home pregnancy test. If it comes out positive, then this is the probable cause of your fatigue (positive HPT results are rarely wrong). If it turns out negative, you should seek the advice of a medical professional. They will do another pregnancy test and will also check for other conditions that may cause fatigue.

2005-05-11 03:31:36
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Does excessive saliva a symptom of pregnancy?

it is a symptom but one of the more "down played" here is a site with a good aount of information about it

Is a delay in periods a symptom of pregnancy or not?

A delay in a period is not a symptom of pregnancy; however not having periods may be a symptom of pregnancy .

Are sinuses a pregnancy symptom?

No, having a sinus problem is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Is heartburn a pregnancy symptom after conception?

Heartburn is not called as a symptom of pregnancy. You do simple pregnancy test to diagnose the pregnancy.

Is malaria a symptom of 18 days old pregnancy?

Malaria is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Is excessive eating a symptoms when you're pregnant?

Excessive eating can be a symptom of pregnancy. A baby uses up much of their mother's nutrients, and so more are needed to promote a healthy mom, and baby.

Is warm skin a pregnancy symptom?

That can be anything and is not typical as a pregnancy symptom. Take a test.

Could tightness in the abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

Is tightness in the abdomen a symptom of early pregnancy

Does white vaginal discharge mean pregnancy?

No. It can be a symptom experienced in pregnancy, but it does not indicate pregnancy. If you are having excessive discharge, call or see a doctor, it could be harmless, or it could be something a bit more serious that can only be taken care of medically.

Is fever a pregnancy symptom?

No, fever is a symptom of infection or dehydration.

Is lack of appetite a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes it definitely can be a symptom.

Is a gasy tummy a symptom of pregnancy?

It can be, but it's not a main symptom

Is bleeding a symptom of pregnancy?


Is braking out a pregnancy symptom?


Is poop a symptom of pregnancy?


Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts have a throbbing pain that comes and goes?

Hello, It can be yes. But a sharp pain is not a pregnancy symptom.

What is the most common body symptom of pregnancy?

I believe the most common symptom of pregnancy would be a missing period

Could it be a symptom of pregnancy if you are always hungry and have hunger pains and after you eat you have an upset stomach?

Hello. Yes this can be a symptom of pregnancy. But the tell tale symptom is no period.

Is feeling dizzy a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes, dizziness can be a symptom of pregnancy but it can be caused by lots of other things. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

Is a sore throat a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer:Yes, a sore throat can be an early pregnancy symptom but you should take a pregnancy test or talk to your doctor to be sure.

Are sore stinging nipples a symptom of pregnancy or PMS?

It can be a symptom of both.

Is smelly urine a symptom if pregnancy?

Not usually. But it can be a symptom of eating asparagus!

What are the symptom before pregnancy?

You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

What is photopohobio?

Photophobia is a symptom of excessive sensitivity to light.

Is abdominal itching a symptom of pregnancy?