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Q: Is farmers insurance a captive company?
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What is the NAIC of a Captive Insurance Company?

naics code for captive company

When was Townsend Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company created?

Townsend Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company was created in 1879.

What is special about the Farmers Insurance?

Farmers Insurance is special to some people because it is a very good insurance from a very good company. Farmers Insurance insures many things such as life and home insurance.

How much do insurance agents make annually?

Depending on the location, a captive insurance agent (an agent that is contracted through a company, ie: state farm, farmers etc.) in their first year should make between $35-$50k

Who ownes the 21st Century Insurance auto insurance company?

The 21st Century auto insurance company is a company that is owned by the Farmers Insurance Group of companies. The company headquarters is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Who are the buyers of reinsurance?

*Direct insurance company *Captive insurance company *Reinsurer However, there are no clear separation between buyers and sellers in reinsurance. Insurance company maybe a buyer (outward reinsurance) and a seller (inward reinsurance)

What products does Farmers Insurance Group offer to consumers?

Farmers Insurance Group is an American insurance company which offer home insurance, life insurance, automotive insurance and business insurance. They can also offer financial services such as loans.

Where can one get a captive insurance?

Captive insurance can be obtained from a number of insurance and management companies. Active Captive Management, The HDH Group, Montera Management, and Red Hook Risk Services all sell captive insurance policies.

What are some of the farmers insurance agents?

Some of the farmers insurance agents are Farmers Insurance Agents, Farmers Insurance Group, BEA Farmers Insurance, Yelp Farmers Insurance or Farmers Insurance Agent San Francisco.

Can i get a contact information on farmers new world life insurance company?

The number I have for Farmers New World Life Insurance is 877-775-4500.

Is there a website to print proof of insurance from Tennessee farmers mutual insurance co?

No there is not a website to print proof of insurance from this company. ?æWhen a person obtains it they can get the proof of insurance at the company or through the mail.?æ

Is Nokia a direct investment?

yes if it is a captive company yes if it is a captive company

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