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It is actually pretty common. All fears can be overcome, it just may take a while. I'm guessing by being afraid of the telephone you mean calling people for services or answering the phone. If this is the case, start off slow, talk to friends, order a Pizza. Eventually you will get used to the idea. If your fear is of the telephone itself, get someone to put a telephone in the same room as you but keep it unplugged. Get used to seeing it everyday for a few weeks, then plug it in with the ringer off, after another few weeks try with the ringer on low and move up from there. Think of it this way ... it's no different than using IM or email .. the person on the other end can't see you and most of the time doesn't know you. If someone calls and you start to feel uncomfortable just say someone is at the door or you have to call them back. As the above poster said it just takes time and practice. ANSWER It depends if you scared of the actual telephone or speaking ont the telephone. the speaking is eaiser to overcome but fear of the actuall phone can be overcome

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What is a sentence using the word overcome?

You do not have to continue to be overcome with fear, but you can defeat fear and walk in peace.

How do you overcome fear of bathing?

Just do it. Overcome the mental barriers and do it.

How do you use overcome in sentence?

He was able to overcome his difficult childhood and is now a happy, successful father of three.Victims inside the burning home were overcome by heat and smoke.Working with an experienced therapist, he was able to overcome his fear of flying.yes here is an example he is overcome with anger or he is overcome with joyIn my life I have had to overcome many problems.You will give a great speech if you can overcome you nerves.Overcome your fear of the dictionary.I had to overcome my fear of toilets

How can you overcome fear of people?


How do you I overcome scarednes?

Face your fear!

How to overcome the fear when everybody get to know about your crush?

To overcome fear when everybody gets to know your crush is approaching your crush telling him how you feel.

How can you face your fear?

The best way to face fear is to overcome it as a challenge.One could do something one hates and then try it gradually till it becomes harmless common action or thing.

You can be overcome with this emotion at Halloween?

Fear or Fright!

How do you overcome fear when skydiving?

you jump out of the plane

What does a samurai do to overcome his fear of death?

not think about it

What fear did Benjamin Franklin overcome?


What fear did Robert Pattinson overcome?

Robert Pattinson actually is afraid of flying. He said once in an interview that he hasn't quite overcome that fear, but he has to deal with it.

What is the name of fear of telephone?


What is the theme for the seventh man?

The best way to overcome fear is to face your fear head on.

What are some ways to overcome fear?

Therapy is possibly the best way to overcome fear. You can work with your therapies or your psychiatrist to address this problem. However, if you do not want to pay excessive amount of money for sessions with a therapist, you can also try some good advice on how to overcome fear first. There are sites online which can help you, like the SimmaLieberman's site on Ten Ways to Overcome Self-doubt and Fear.

What did the Wright Brother's overcome?

fear of heights and gravity

How can you overcome your fear of flying?

Go Sky Diving

How did samurai overcome their fear of death?

Samurai had to learn self-control so that they could overcome emotions that might interfere with fighting, especially the fear of death.

What did FDR mean by there was nothing to fear but fear itself?

confidence was needed to overcome the depression-apex

How do you overcome a fear of snow?

Some methods used include drug or behavioral therapy to help someone overcome a fear. Please refer to the Related Link for more information.

How could fear be a challenge?

Fear is a challenge because the person is not going to want to do it since they are scared. If you can overcome the fear then you have won that challenge.

How can you face your fears?

The best way to face fear is to overcome that fear itself as a challenge. The more you avoid it the intenser the fear becomes.

What does 'There is nothing to fear but fear itself' mean?

Confidence and optimism were needed to overcome the Depression

What is the main obstacle Mozart had to overcome?

he overcame the fear of spiders

How do you overcome a fear of mean dogs?

pet dogs and get to like them.