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No, it could be a sign of something else and every pregnancy does not involve morning sickness (75% do). The best ways to tell if you are pregnant are missed periods, home pregnancy tests, and physician exams and laboratory tests.

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Q: Is feeling sick and having morning sickness always a sign of pregnancy?
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Does a fever accompany morning sickness?

Fever is not a normal symptom of morning sickness and is not normal during pregnancy, so it is good to always check with your doctor if you have a fever while pregnant.

What if you never had morning sickness during previous pregnancies but you do during current pregnancy?

Some women say that every one of their pregnancies was the same, but others feel like its their "first pregnancy" every time because it is always different. It not necessarily bad, although it is obviously uncomfortable for you. The morning sickness will eventually fade away.

Does morning sickness always accure in the morning?

No! Morning sickness does NOT always occur in the morning. A male named it that, probably after observing that a pregnant woman tends to have more nausea or illness after waking up. This is most likely because there is nothing in her stomach. So, although morning sickness CAN occur in the morning, it is also likely that it will occur throughout the day.

Do you always get morning sickness when you are pregnant?

I did. Most women start getting morning sickness around 5-6 weeks. I had it every day after the 5-week mark.

What is nausia?

Nausea is a feeling that you makes you feel sick to your stomach. It usually, but not always, results in vomiting. Causes of nausea can include headache, food poisoning, motion sickness, and early pregnancy.

Your girlfriend is a month late is throwing up always tired and feeling down but doesnt eat could she be pregnant?

yes she could be pregnant. She may be experiencing morning sickness, this can make you feel like not eating, also the tiredness is a sign of pregnancy. She needs to take a pregnancy test to be certain. If she is pregnant then she really does need to eat something. If the pregnancy test comes out negative then encourage her to see a doctor.

When you are pregnant do you always have to have morning sickness?

Not necassarily, and it doesn't always appear or ease off at the 'right' trimester either.

What are some simple and early signs of pregnancy without using a pregnancy test?

Some early signs of pregnancy without doing a pregnancy test would be morning sickness, late period, and irritability. These are just a few though. There also Drowsiness, always being tired, having a ache in your lower back.

How do you reduce morning sickness?

I'm pregnant for my second time, crackers and sprite always helped me. :)

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and at first i had bad morning sickness and tender breast now my breast are just a little tender and im not vomiting much i have no bleeding or cramping is this a miscarriag?

Extremely unlikely. Morning sickness is common at the beginning of pregnancy and if it gets real bad, there are safe medications that can help. Miscarriages most often have bleeding associated. Your doctor can always do a blood test that sees how your pregnancy is going.

What are the first symptams of pregnancy?

I think the most obvious and first tell tale sign would be a missed menstrual cycle, but, some times they can come late and everything is ok, but if you have missed yours by a significant amount of time I would get a pregnancy test. "Chadwick's sign" is also a tell tale sign which is a bluish discoloration of the vulva. Then there is always "morning sickness" too, which is feeling nauseous upon awakening.

What are the real symptoms of pregnancy?

ANSWER It is always useful to know some symptoms of the pregnancy which could appear in most cases (besides missed period): # Changes in appetite, # Frequent urination, # Morning sickness (vomiting in the morning), # Tender breasts (sometimes painful breasts), # Increased vaginal discharges (sometimes), # Other unusual feelings like sleepiness, restlessness, irritability, etc. You can do also the pregnancy test. It is easy to buy in pharmacy.

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